Changes to proffesion clothes, and loot

i looked to changes you done with thralls, and need to say
work properly, also is there way to craft that sluty clothes for dancers? xD
but iam not sure it that clothes fit to nordheirms

also worked as intended expect ones at inn with conan, wich have t1 dancer clothes used before, i post in before

there is problem, they look all same, only different one is armorer wich have different gloves, so alchemist,smelter and smith have same gloves and all of them have same clothes

looks same as before patch, but because they can be easily noticed from others there is no need for change

loot is better, much better, but it would be nice if there be changed lootlist

while barerers now drops suplies, they drop only them, and there is no difference wich tier they were
always 1, idk if suplies depends on tier or not but because they droop same item and not exclusive,alchemic,building,etc… suplies

i find that loot list is same for evryone expect bareers
in higher level zones they drop flawles armors, wich is nice if it werent be t2 carpenter

they should drop increased numbers of wood, and have chance to drop decorations, or bows,bark

weapons,repire kits,upgrade kits, t3,t4 should be able drop epic weapons, at least at north, in south flawles and expectional quality weapons be enought,oil,ingots,forms to coins and flasks,ingots

coal,dryed wood,ingots,glass,glass flasks,forms to coins and flasks,ores

glas flasks full/filled,colours,orbs,pointons,alchemic ingrediences in all forms

ingrediences,foods,drinks,t3,t4 should be able drop food with buffs ie. rhino head soup - t3 30% chance t4 75% chance

leather,repair/upgrade kits,armors bases,materials to craft armors /bones,reptile skin,fur/,armors


Also rhino skin from armours.

That’s the Hyperborean Slaver armor, part of the Savage Armors feat.

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The stagnate thralls that you can not change their clothes, just get the ones that have good stuff on them. You see them before you bonk them.
I know gents that have completed naked women thralls. If thats your bag.

I have a named bearer follow me where ever I go. She has that same Slaver outfit on that is in your picture. She benefits from the heavy armor, and it dont look to bad either. Sure beats a nun’s habit.

Thats a good point I guess.
While I see a reason for smelters to wear both apron and gloves, smiths and carpenters should stick to the apron only. Alchemists are a bit hard. The apron looks well for hard physical craftsmanship, but not so much for delicate stuff I guess. I would prefer some rather silky version of an apron, which then may be added to cooks as well, while the alchemists would also wear delicate gloves.
I like dreaming… :stuck_out_tongue:

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