Changing Resolution

I have a 2560x1440p @ 144hz montior. The game auto-detects a 1900x1200p @ 59hz and I am unable to manually select any other resloution. Is anyone else experiencing this? A solution, or an acknowledgement would be welcome.

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Someone on Steam suggested deselecting Windowed mode (in the options) first. Then it should be possible

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I had a similar issue when it stopped detecting my main monitor and all of its resolution options vanished.
What fixed it for me is to set the game to windowed, manually drag it to the monitor in question, hit “OK” and then its resolutions appeared again, choose the resolution you want of that monitor and enable “Full Screen\ Borderless Full Screen” again.


Hey @mecc24

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Thanks for the heads-up, we’ll send your report to the devs so they can look into it.
@Gaudioom thanks for sharing this workaround.

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Hey @mecc24,

  • As @TheLOLxd2 and @Gaudioom points out just go Options - > Graphics - >
    – Uncheck Windowed or Full-Screen Borderless Window
    – Then you should be able to select the Video Resolution you want then then hit OK to apply the change.
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