Resolution settings don't save

Pretty simple one, but too annoying to play the game. I didn’t see this anywhere else in searching the testlive forums.

Settings menu will not save my options (most of the time). My monitor is 1920x1080 but it always goes back to 1536x864. Not only that, but my mouse cursor is not in the correct position relative to where it actually highlights menu options and clicks. If I keep trying to change the settings, with my messed up mouse cursor, changing the resolution to normal 1920, it usually resets, but around 10% of the time, it will change it correctly and the game works normally. But if I try to change anything else in the settings menu, or even open up the menu again, it resets back to weird mouse cursor and 1536 resolution.

For my system info:
PC - Windows 10 - Steam client
Drivers are updated

System Manufacturer Dell Inc.
System Model Inspiron 5680
System Type x64-based PC
System SKU 0874
Processor Intel® Core™ i5-8400 CPU @ 2.80GHz, 2808 Mhz, 6 Core(s), 6 Logical Processor(s)
BIOS Version/Date Dell Inc. 2.0.7, 2/12/2019
SMBIOS Version 3.1
Embedded Controller Version 255.255
BaseBoard Manufacturer Dell Inc.
BaseBoard Product 0PXWHK
BaseBoard Version A00
Platform Role Desktop
Secure Boot State On

Just in case you wanted all that info.

Most game settings actually revert to default.

Ever thirst and hunger, purge settings, and much more revert to default for me, so it may be linked.

Did you try switch windowed-mod/fullscreen to try if this fix it ?

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Yes indeed. Windowed. Windowed fullscreen. Fullscreen. Would always revert to messed up default. Even tried alt tabbing around and see if that helped. Tried everything I could see in the settings menu. Even looked at the serversettings.ini file to see if it was read only or anything. Seems normal. Was tempted to just change the files and lock them, but that wouldn’t really be reporting on the bug problem.

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You’re right !
Best is to report the bugs like they happen, workarounds are fine, but an other thing.

Hope anyway these settings get fixed soon, it’s not easy to test without altering some, especially while try triggering purges alone.
Triggered now 3 with default settings, but it’s lot to run.

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Nice deduction! But nope. I do have Nvidia and it has the option to do that, but it’s off for all my games that it can see, and it doesn’t even see Conan Exiles on my drive anyway.

I’ve had it weird out my settings in live before, but not to this extent. Also, based on your comment, I tried messing with my Nvidia program, GeForce Experience. So while it does not recognize my Conan Exiles Testlive build, it does see my normal Conan Exiles game files from Steam, even though it is not currently installed (because having both on my machine is quite beefy, I picked one). So I did some experimenting.

I am able to optimize the Testlive build by optimizing the game/resolution/graphics settings in my Nvidia GeForce Experience program for the original live version of Conan Exiles. It still transfers over to Testlive, for some reason. I still have the issue where, if I change any settings, it most often does not save, and it reverts to the bad, messed-up resolution. But if I do the Nvidia Optimize again, the game loads up on proper resolution settings because of Nvidia.

After doing a bit of playing, I was able to change the nudity settings to full. Then I exited the game, optimized the original Conan Exiles live build through Nvidia GeForce Experience, loaded up Testlive through Steam, and now I have good resolution and graphics settings and nudity.

A clunky workaround, but it does work. Maybe if the devs or someone sees how Nvidia is able to alter the graphics settings then that could perhaps fix the issue in the game itself not saving settings. No idea, but I’m happy I can play again, at least!

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You can add game to the nvidia panel if they don’t show up.

Edit: just was thinking about your problem, and tried to remember my settings with my nvidia build. Did have all two client installed of course.
I ask me, let’s admit you install also the live client, would this problem remain or be solved ? :thinking:
This are 2 different clients, but i think they may still share some common files and links.

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I did try forcing GeForce Experience to find it. Only way was to have it direct scan the exact folder, then direct scan the exact file. Nothing.

But I like the idea of installing the live build as well. I’m going to experiment with that now.

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Let me know, i’m still curious. :blush:
There so many different configs, and so many problems, but i changed for a RX580 after my nvidia, so really can’t test it myself yet.

@Vattende , alrighty so I downloaded the normal live game again. It actually did show up as a second (or first) Conan Exiles in my Nvidia GeForce Experience app. Now I’m thinking it did recognize the Testlive build as its own thing, it just didn’t change the name of anything, which led me to believe it was for the normal live version.

But anyways, I did not optimize the normal live version through Nvidia. Loaded it up. Worked great. Settings changed how I wanted. Exactly what I expected and remembered. So then loaded up Testlive. The Nvidia settings for testlive keeps the resolution correct at launch, but still, anytime I change the settings in game, it freaks out and goes back to incorrect resolution and settings.

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Second test, I used Nvidia GeForce Experience app to optimize both my normal live Conan Exiles as well as my Testlive version. Same thing. Nvidia forces Testlive to load in with correct settings, but opening the settings menu at all, not even changing anything but just opening the settings menu, causes it to revert all changes back.

An interesting note, after changing stuff in Testlive settings window, and the resolution goes bad, I quit, then reoptimized through Nvidia, then relaunched, and the earlier keybinding and nudity settings had been saved. It remembers some minor stuff sometimes, but if you so much as look at the resolution setting, it will freak out.

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Thanks lot for all your tests and time spent. :+1:

Like said, can run similar right now, not having a nvidia in my build.
Still i’m not surprised. Testlive-client seems be functional but still with some missing features and burbs.

In the past i used still the normal client, turned it to testlive, and this worked still fine for settings change.
But testlive client seems have serious issues when it comes to change and remember settings-changes. In my testlive client all settings nearly revert to default when i close the panel.

So definitively a thing they have to look at.
Anyway, patch was pushed to live. So we will see what is coming next, and if we get a new testlive patch.

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