Chaos Dps Weakened

Any Chaos dps mains feel weaker? I love the removal of enigmas but I don’t think the paradox mechanic procs enough to make up for the nerf on doppelgangers. The streamline on energy/basic attacks proccing also feels bad on a high uptime basic attack weapon like Chaos. If they want our damage to come from an abundance of paradox attacks a more consistent rate of generating paradox would ultimately help Chaos as a whole.

The problem with old chaos not depending on energy, due to basic doing the same procs as powers, was that early game chaos started out very strong, but compared to other weapons, it didnt grow in Strength as much. As a chaos main, if i proced clones at the start of Combat, i screwed over tank aggro a couple elites above me, even after waiting several hits from tank, before joining myself. Even without early clones, i often took aggro at some point in the fight, and my damage was rediculous compared to the dps around me.

The clone damage decrease had to happen, since they happen much more frequently. It may have been overdone. I do wanna say in something like S&P they still seem to nuke things.

As for where it sits on the Strength scale post rebalance, now its mostly a matter of increasing or decreasing numbers, since the way it increases strength has been brought in line.

I absolutely feel like i can still hold my own where i am at in the Elite tiers. Im not rediculously overpowered anymore, but I dont feel like i have trouble keeping up either.

Pre rebalance i did an ACT on the same MB with my E11 blade main, and my E7 chaos main. I had to question if i wasnt even holding my own on blade (but was told i met the minimum expected) they did the same dps.

Relatively to how strong i was before, yes i feel weaker, but I dont see that as a bad thing for balance.

You should check out this thread.

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What Molov had done in the E17 raid is not representative of what Chaos Magic is capable of in the normal course of the end game. He was using an extraordinary weapon, designed for situations that call for dealing with a multitude of targets, on a single boss with an exceptionally large hit-box that can only be hit by his Singularities when he’s standing right beside it. By my estimation, a single-target Chaos Magic DPS build with Warped Visage can output about 30,000 DPS before you factor in Exposed, Opening Shot, and the museum damage proc. Because of the nature of Chaos Magic’s damage output and the varying length of encounter times, the highs and lows can tend towards extremes, but, on average, should place it in a competitive spot relative to Hammer, Assault Rifle, and Blade–if the measure for effectiveness is restricted to its DPS potential on a single target.

Anyone interested in how I arrived at my DPS approximation can analyze my Chaos Magic spreadsheet for themselves.

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But still, don’t forget to check out that thread.

Just caught up on this thread a bit. DumbOx is right in the sense of pointing out the Irregularity Architect - this is an extremely niche setup that works for very few encounters in the game, and should not be used as an example to attempt an accurate representation of the chaos magic capabilities.

With that said, i’ve tested the Warped Visage chaos builds in dungeons recently with a fully minmaxed setup in E17, and i have to admit that the rework for chaos, while pushing it in the right direction mechanically, failed to also balance its damage correctly, which is fine since DPS balance was not the primary goal of that rebalance yet.

What i’ve found out is that the Warped Visage chaos build can output similar DPS to what rifle DPS can provide, with less utility perks (like the amount of purges the Incendiary Grenades offer, which might be a problem within rifle itself tbh), while hammer and blade DPS are above it. Chaos DPS being melee should definitely make it be able to parse higher than ranged builds, which is currently not the case. On the side note, chaos DPS currently cruelly lacks depth, unlike blade that’s been reworked very well in that regard.

The base damage of both doppelgangers and singularities is lacking in the current implementation of the game for sure, but it’s good enough to still be able to play chaos DPS without issues.


Do you have a similar spreadsheet for pistol?

Would love to do it myself, but don’t have the stat knowledge for that.

I’ve got a pistols sim up, it’s not 100% perfect but it’s good enough.

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Thanks for the sim share, I will see if I can improve myself upon it. And I really like the sheet name :v:

A few questions/remarks:

  • Is destruction the go-to affix? I thought Havoc (which I use) was in the same ballpark.
  • There is no Ring of the Hollow Tree?
  • I know Laceration gives me better dps, but everyone is toting that CD is mandatory in the build.
  • Probably unnecessary to tell, but it seems the CP haven’t been updated with the Resplendent stats – my guess is the dps will be a tad higher than shown due to that.

Strike Team Force Unit I believe LOL

Something like that…

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Thanks, it’s just the name of our cabal XD.

Destruction is usually 400 to 600 DPS above Havoc or Energy, both of which are more or less equal in value. So, yes, Destruction is bis.

Ring slots do not contribute to any regular and reliable DPS.

This is up to preference for your solo build setups. There’s nothing really to say about it - you want more DPS, you go with Laceration.

Sorry… what? That is a straight out wrong statement. The base CP is 1915, that’s with a full resplendent setup.
Edit: it’s actually even higher than that on the sheet, it’s supposed to be 1904 CP and not 1915. Doesn’t matter anyway.

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Ah, yes. You’re right. Sorry about that. I forgot my agents when looking at the CP stat.