Chaos procing as offhand?

Just been poking a leet in agartha in tank build with hammer/chaos, using Sanity’s Aphelion as the offhand.

The strange thing was that normally you wouldn’t expect the Sanity’s Aphelion to proc when you’re just using the hammer basic to attack, but I was regularly getting the Extradimensional Defender spawning. At no point was I using the chaos focus, it remained inactive in my offhand at all times, but the E.Defender was still spawning.

Aegis of Parallelism was also proccing and delaying damage, also with no offhand chaos focus use. Not sure if that part’s intended, but it was a surprise to see the defender spawn!

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Aegis of Parallelism is always on with a chaos on purpose yes. I didn’t know it would spawn extradimensional clones automatically though.

On live none of the passive paradox gains can hit 8 paradoxes, you have to hit it with an active ability, I suppose that’s changed for something.

Sanity’s Aphelion’s proc is the extradimensional defenders, it’s not just having Aegis of Parallelism.
I was at zero paradoxes the whole time.

Hey! I tried to get AoP by using chaos (Frost-Bound) as offhand without using it and couldn’t get it to happen. Good to know! @NeuroPsych was asking about it.

Neuro said it was in the patch notes, so I believe it is intended. They wanted to make sure it was true; I just couldn’t get it.

on live, the protection from Sanity’s Aphelion is always on regardless if any chaos abilities are used, so this probably carried over with the changes

Sanity’s Aphelion’s effect is passive (much like Flame-Wreathed, for instance), it is designed to be an offhand. Works as intended.