Chaos Rising 7XP|5HX - No Purge - No Gods - Small clans

Chaos Rising is a brand new PVP server located in NY. 4.8Ghz OC Extreme - Realtime CPU Priority -M.2 SSD - 60 Tickrate.

The goal here is to create a dedicated community of PVP-minded players who enjoy a bit of community and a lot of brutality.

Launched 1/17/19 - mods: Pippi, Pickup+, Swift Elevator, LitMan Item Stack, Paragon

7XP|5HX - No Purge - No Gods – 5-man Max clans.
Raid times: M-Th 6p-10p EST – F-Sat. 6p-Midnight – Sun 4p-8p – All times could change based on community feedback.
Active Non-competition player Admin
Dedicated discord server
48 hour raid protection for new players and recently raided clans.
Pippi mod currency w/starter kit and vendors.
Server events and admin built challenge bases for raiding (and rewards)
Weekly Quest(s) with valuable loot rewards.
Paragon level to 300 -feats continue-attributes stop at 60-

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