Rise of the Exiles - Light mods, friendly players

Rise of the Exiles is a lightly-modded server with some custom content via Pippi. The mods used are Pippi, Unlock Plus, Emberlight, Less Building Placement Restrictions, and Hosav’s UI mod. It’s PVE with friendly players and a relaxed atmosphere. We only have a few players so there’s plenty of good building space.

The mods are light to retain as much of the original experience as possible. Pippi portals allow more easily access to a few locations. It also allows a means for players to sell items to other players and earn funds to buy high-end thralls, items, and materials. An arena has some Battle Standards to allow players to engage each other. Open temples are placed for each religion, allowing players to use them for constructing items without having to build their own temples. A central town exists that can be warped to at any time and has NPCs and resources for new and high-level players alike

There are a few fair-play rules: You can’t build where world bosses or camps are blocked or aggro’d (they exist for everyone). Buildings can be large, but can’t block access to lore or travel, nor be so large that entire swaths of land are unnecessarily used up (it lags the server and players). And people need to be respectful and mature. We do have a discord channel for voice chat and to discuss issues outside of the game.

The address is:
The name is “Rise of the Exiles (Afterlife)”

Klaatu (your friendly, neighborhood admin)

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Login-rewards were added. Check in with Theona in City Hall every day and you get increasingly better rewards that peak after a week. You also earn Reward Merits, which can be accumulated and traded in for high-level thralls, legendary equipment, and materails.