Afterlife's Rise of the Exiles

As players come and go, our server population dropped and we’re looking to get a few more people who would like a casual and friendly environment to build and play. We’re LIGHTLY modded so that the experience is similar to the official release (but with easier travel). The mods we use are: Pippi (duh), Emberlight, Unlock Plus, and Less Building Placement Restrictions.

We have some custom content via Pippi scripting, with most being located in a central village. A marketplace lets players place their own vendors for selling items (this will be more valuable when the playerbase increases). We communicate out-of-game with a discord channel (details are within the game).

The rules are simple… We have a friendly atmosphere so there is no verbal harassment or discriminatory slurs allowed. You can’t build on a location that blocks lore, spawns, or makes travel excessively difficult. Your builds should be reasonable in that they shouldn’t sprawl out and take over whole sections of the map.

We have a lot of space for new players, we rarely wipe, and we’re a relaxed and friendly bunch. As for the server:
“Rise of the Exiles (Afterlife)” – PVE, modded, default Conan Exiles map
“Rise of the Castaways (Afterlife)” – PVE, modded, Siptah map. Please note that this Siptah map does not get the attention the other one does and has little additional content. It’s mainly so that our Afterlife players can play on Siptah when the mood strikes.

We look forward to meeting you! (Screenshots will follow)

Admin Klatu

Part of our village, Stonewall. You can warp to it with a Pippi command and there’s resources there for both new and experienced players. A common map room is available to everyone, portals to a couple other key locations are there (the arena, a fighting challenge, a few spots across the map), and some vendors. Players earn some funds daily and can purchase supplies with them here.

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Along side our small town is the marketplace. Stalls are there for placing a vendor so you can sell loot you don’t want, or buy items and thralls that others may be selling.

Scattered throughout the lands are public top-tier temples for each of the religions. This lets exiles bring materials to craft items without having to build their own temple for each religion. Each temple has a high-level priest that crafts items with improved damage stats.