Afterlife - Rise of the Exiles, PVE (Pippi, Emberlight modded)

As of this morning, Afterlife’s “Rise of the Exiles” has had Emberlight added as a mod. We’re a PVE server with slightly enhanced experience and harvesting. Difficulty has been raised a notch, and mod use is more minimal for the purpose of smoother maintenance and reducing downtime due to mod updates. Over the last year, we’ve added custom content via Pippi.

The Town of Stonewall: a nice city off of newbie river filled with server and player vendors, map room, portals, resources, and quests. Continually updated, it has content for both new players and seasoned level-60 players.

Custom Content: We built several structures hosting custom content. An arena to test your battle mettle, a dungeon filled with loot and monsters, a prison that spawns challenges in three difficulty levels based on your own level, a wicked maze, and a tower with a climbing challenge for players to race against each other. For the high-end level 60 character, there’s also a challenge where you can add to your stats… if you can figure out the riddles and find the hidden NPCs offering stat increases.

Player Vendors: You can either shop in other players’ vendors, or set up your own. An NPC has been placed that automates getting your own merchant.

Pippi, Pickup+ (with Yog addition), and Emberlight. These are all the mods you’ll need (in that order). While we have less mods than other servers, our downtime is also minimal due to not having to continually update mods. There’s also less chances of conflicts or bugs causing buildings to collapse or items to disappear. With Emberlight just added this morning, there are additional crafting items you can now make and feats you can learn without possible impacts on your structures.

We’re a relaxed environment of helpful friendly players who are always welcoming others to join the group. We have many builders, and some of the bases are amazing. We can be found at, or just look for “Afterlife” and you’ll see “Rise of the Exiles”.

Your friendly neighborhood admin Klaatu!

For newcomers - It’ll be difficult for me to be online as often as I normally am. My other half had an accident and is recuperating, so I’ve been running double the amount of errands and also playing nursemaid. It’s… hectic. :slight_smile:

Some things to know for people who try us out:

  1. type “/kit start” up to level 18 to get free starting iron tools. This can be done more than once.
  2. You can get free base-building materials, workbenches, and other items to very quickly get a base up and running. This command can only be executed ONCE! When you do, you will be filled with HUNDREDS of items and you will be severely overburdened. Do NOT use this command until you are where you want to place your base. Make sure there’s no creatures around ready to kill you, execute the command, and start building. You will also be given a couple iron chests to place your mats in. The command is “/kit newbase”
  3. To get to the city at any time, type “/warp city”. Check out the Information booth for info regarding all of the services in the city and all of the custom content. Also, any significant changes I make are included in a posting there called “Change Log”.
  4. Set your home point by typing “/sethome”, and return to that point at any time by typing “/home”.

All are welcome, and I hope to see new friends soon. :smiley:

Update: The remainder of October will be purge-heavy! Purges have been set so that they will happen more frequently and easily. They’ll still be restricted to between noon and midnight, but you’ll be able to trigger them a lot more quickly now. Be prepared!

The increased purges of October have been dialed back down to the previous levels. We’ve been going through and razing old abandoned bases and accounts. While we had ample land to build on before, there’s even more now. Lots of room for fresh players looking for a relaxed environment that’s more than vanilla, but not so far removed with so many mods that it seems like a different game. Our simple mod list lets us keep our server up longer and with less problems. We help out new players with ample starting equipment and building materials, but not so much that you’ll max out quick and be wanting more to do.

We’re a relaxed environment. All are accepted regardless of race, gender, sexuality, religion, etc. We value diversity. We look forward to meeting you. :smiley:

What are your policies on building? Are there any specific limits or restrictions? Also, what server region are you in?

Sorry to take so long to get back to you. I’ve been preoccupied with adding some tweaks to our server and cleaning up old abandoned structures. Building size is a recommended 22x22 lot. Depending on the location, it can be expanded with permission. The size is also flexible in that you can make it narrower and longer. Region is the USA. You can build anywhere as long as you maintain a respectable distance from thrall camps, don’t block any lore, ghosts, emotes, etc., and keep a distance from world boss spawns.

Some tweaks were added to Klaatu’s Horror. Klaatu’s Horror is a custom dungeon consisting of 5+ multi-level structures you have to navigate through to the treasure at the end. There is hidden loot, ample experience, a decent challenge, and two NPCs that give out Reward Merits. Reward Merits can be accrued and cashed in for some specific legendary items.

Rise of the Exiles is still active, and is a long-term server. That is, we avoid wiping and haven’t had one since early 2019. The modlist is:
Pickup+ Yog fix

We run minimal mods so that there’s a minimum of updating and downtime. The gameplay feel is close to the vanilla game, with the few mods we do use offering some additional items for placement. We have custom content created with Pippi, including several challenges, a dungeon, quests, and an arena. We have content for both new players and seasoned players. We have a mature group of players and are friendly and relaxed.

We regularly remove buildings and items from players who have been inactive, freeing up space for new players. We’re a seasoned server with a great up-time and friendly admins.

If you’re tired of being self-isolated, come check us out and socialize. Just look for “Afterlife Rise of the Exiles”.

Some latest updates…

Reward Merits can be earned from almost all NPCs. They can now be cashed in for rare thralls that are exceedingly hard to get (along with some specific legendary weapons that were already part of the reward system). It should take some time to earn those merits though. :slight_smile:

Sobek Armor requires a lot of farming if you want to get a full set since only one boss drops a single piece, and it’s random. A vendor now allows you to trade in some duplicate items to get the one you need.

The town of Stonewall has been expanded with more NPCs accepting trade or offering hard-to-get items.

Dueling can take place in the arena now.

Many other additions and changes have been implemented. There is an active Change Log available in town listing any change or addition.

Thrall Leveling Event tonight at 8PM Eastern Time. Bring your favorite thrall to the arena and we’ll create a stream of creatures and monsters to defeat to get him/her some levels. Bring one, or switch them up. If you’re a new player, show up and I’ll supply you with a couple of starter fighters to help you along in your leveling.

Mods have been updated. Server cleanup is in progress. Old bases are being removed to make sure there’s room for new players. There’s still plenty of space for new players to claim. We’ve gone for over a year without performing a wipe. If you’re an active player, you can be confident your structures and possessions will not be lost from a wipe. :smiley:

Tonight we’ll take a tour of the southern lands, maybe hit up the sinkhole with the undead dragon. This will be for the lower, sub-level-60 players. Or we can do an arena event. Or level up some of your thralls. It’s Friday, and for anyone stuck home with few places to go, we can have fun in the Exiled Lands. You name it, we can do it. :slight_smile: If you don’t have a character, make one and get a few levels. I’ll be on in the early evening (eastern time). I’ll also be handing out various goodies (special armors, weapons, etc.), so it’ll be something everyone can enjoy.

Tonight is “Abuse the Admnin with Requests Night”

Need some help getting a thrall some levels? Ask the admin for help. Need help getting to or through a dungeon? Ask the admin for some help. Need some help getting exp for a few levels? Ask the admin. Need a specific thrall? Ask the admin! As long as the request isn’t too egregious, you may be surprised. It starts after 7PM tonight (Friday, June 5th) eastern time.

If you’re a new player, then join in! Come early, use the command to get your building materials and start a base for yourself. Go to the custom town we built using the “/warp city” command and check in the Information Booth nearby for the command on how to get your base materials and what the building requirement/restrictions are. Once your base is started, you can ask for help and I’ll help you get up and running with a few levels (if you want) or thralls or equipment or whatever.