Afterlife - Rise of the Exiles (wiped Aug 29, 2020)

We just performed a server wipe and are reintroducing our server for new players. It’s PvE with the following mod list:
Pickup+ (and Pickup+ Yog Fix)
Northern Timber
Ruins of Acheron
Endgame Extended Weapon Arsenal (EEWA)

Experience gain is boosted by 10%, NPC damage is also boosted by 10% to keep you on your toes. Harvest rate is 3X. We have a fully-built player city filled with NPCs, quests, challenges, and rewards. There are several challenges, a custom dungeon, ways to extend your attributes (if you’re smart enough to solve the challenge clues), and a friendly community.

The name of the server is the title of this thread. The direct-connect address is: Port 7777

All changes and information needed for new players is posted in an Information Booth in the city. You can get to the city at any time by typing: /warp city

In that Information Booth, you’ll find everything you need to get started, including how to get buildilng materials if you want them, and even a starter thrall to help you level up.

Thanks everyone! We look forward to meeting you!


Added a one-use kit for new players. They receive a free T2 fighter and medium armor. This gives them a bodyguard to help them in the low-level areas. The bodyguard can be levelled up to help the player reach a point where they’re capturing their own thralls.

Lowered the price for Master Weapon Repair Kits in the city. This makes it easier for players to main some of the mid-range starting equipment they may purchase.

ADDED - Kerozard’s Paragon Leveling mod. Level cap is now increased to 300.