Afterlife Rise of the Exiles (wiped Jan 10 2019)

I wiped out our old Conan server to start fresh and encourage new players. We’re running just the Pippi mod and will add others based on player input. The server features:

Fully functional town with NPCs, vendors, quests, player-owned merchants
Many different materials, supplies, and equipment available to both new players and high-level players
Quest to earn additional stat increases
Functional arena for events and player-spawned creatures
Klaatu’s Horror - a large, sprawling dungeon with loot and rewards
Published changelog in-game keeping you abreast of new content
Warps and portals to far locales
Public Map Room
“Payday” of gold, silver, and bronze to spend in town on equipment and supplies
Gold-earning weekly quests
Large Afterlife community in Discord
And more additional content in the works.

You can find us listed in the server listing with the same name as this thread title. Direct connect:

Join us!

I forgot to mention. The server is PvE. It has 3X harvesting, slightly boosted XP gain, and no purges or pet/thrall hunger system. The purges and hunger systems may be turned on whenever the glitch is resolved that causes thralls/pets to not eat. Without the thralls, the guards die off in the city and leave it unprotected from purges (which target the town).

I created a kit for new players. It’s can be used once and gives the player:
T1 Sandstone building materials (300 foundations/ceilings, walls, windows, doors, roof, wedges, fence)
1 each of basic workstations (excluding wheel of pain and pet pen)
1 set of light armor
2 iron chests
wall and floor torches

To use the kit, find the area you want to build in. FIND THE AREA FIRST! The kit will overweigh you and you’ll be immediately encumbered. When you have your location, type “/kit newbase” in the chat window. The supplies will be placed into your inventory. You can then place some foundations and the chests so that you can store the supplies and unencumber yourself.

Other commands to be aware of:
/warp city – This immediately teleports you to our custom city with vendors, supplies, portals, etc.
/sethome – sets your home point
/home – returns you to your home point
/kit start – available up through level 18. Gives you a set of starting iron tools and weapon
/wallet – displays your current funds

You start with a supply of gold and silver. You get 34 silver every day. A vendor at the south gate in the city sells inexpensive steel tools, weapons, and upgrade kits. Vendors sell feathers, bark, food, potions, warpaints, hardened steel tools, ice, and other supplies you may need. Look around to see what’s available.

Two individuals in town offer quests rewarding 5 gold each. One is simple (collect desert berries). The other requires fangs (usually from crocs or certain animals, can be harvested from dead crocs the guards kill). They are repeatable weekly. I suggest picking berries at first to get some quick gold from Liz at City Hall.

If you have several gold coins, you can try the gambler at the south gate. Betting silver gets you silver and various items. Betting gold gives gold and a couple items. The odds are in your favor with him, but there’s always the chance of an unlucky streak.

We’re starting fresh, so we have lots of room for new players and lots of places to build. The only restrictions is base size (listed in the /rules) and you cannot build over lore or large nodes or too close to camps. Lots of fun events are planned when there’s a playerbase, and events always yield nice rewards! Come join the fun. The Afterlife community is pretty awesome!

Your friendly neighborhood barbarian,

Update: 1/14/2019

Added NPC who will give players two Thespians for use as merchants. Players can choose any empty kiosk in town and place their merchants there. Additional thespians for adding to your base will be able to be purchased in near future (or given out as rewards).

Added warp portals to jungle and the far north.

Update: 1/16/2019

Added NPCs that will teach Improved Tannery, Improved Furnace, and Improved Blacksmith stations. This will free up players from having to spend feat points on learning those skills, leaving more feat points for other items. Note: the players will still need to meet the requirements of level and prior feats before learning them (I don’t want to make leveling too fast or easy).

Other skills will be added in the near future, allowing players to save some feat points for use elsewhere. Note that this does NOT teach the feat. The feat is still “unlearned” in your feats section. Rather, it just teaches the recipes for the feats so learning them is redundant.

Update: 1/20/2019

Starting a new event called “Arena Tuesdays”
Every Tuesday, 8PM EST at The Arena
Creatures and NPCs will be spawned based upon player levels and requests. Snake Arrows, repair kits, a chest, a sword and bow, thrall-capturing items, and healing items will be available. A temporary wheel will be given to each player they can then place outside the arena to break their thralls.

To get to the arena, warp into town using the “/warp city” command. The arena portal will be visible there and take you directly to the Arena. Event starts around 8PM eastern time. It’s a good way to get some exp, brush up on combat skills, and catch some thralls. All levels welcome!

We currently have a low player base and are building up again. There’s plenty of room to build, and the players we have are great. They’re friendly and helpful and great fun to play with.

We still have a low population, but our players showed up and we had a great time for Arena Tuesdays. First I spawned NPCs for capturing, giving everyone a wheel to place them in. They all caught various thralls they needed because they’re still leveling up. Then we had fun spawning all kinds of creatures from the game. Lots of slashing fighting fun. As a bonus, I boosted all the participants up to the next level and gave a door prize to each to commemorate the 1st event.

We’re very vanilla, using only Pippi, but it’s got a nice feel to it and there’s lots of activities and goals with the various quests (such as boosting up all of your attributes by another five points). There’s a lot of free space on the server, and all are welcome if they want a relaxed friendly atmosphere.

Update 1/27/20190 ----
Added a vendor that teaches all three Epic Vanir Armor sets. If you meet the normal requirements for learning the feats, you can learn them from the NPC in town for 20 gold (which isn’t much by the time you’re high enough a level to learn those feats anyway). This saves you from having to spend feat points to learn the recipes.

2/4/2019 - Added an NPC that presents you with a climbing challenge. Gold will be awarded based on how fast you can climb a nearby peak, with three levels of gold being given out. The challenge is repeatable once a week, and is a nice way to earn some extra gold for spending on the NPCs and player vendors in town.

Arena Event on Tueswday, 2/5/2019, 8PM EST. Whether brand new or seasoned player, weapons and supplies will be given to all and we have a blast gaining exp in the arena killing all kinds of creatures I spawn by request. Everyone gets supplied with a wheel and thralls will be captured!

Update 2/8/19 - Added an Architect in the City Hall building. He sells elevators, drawbridges, and Large Gates (both frame and gate combined). This lets you buy any of those items without having to use feat points to learn that feat. For DLC gates, a check is first made to ensure that the player can make the appropriate foundation first (making sure the player purchased the DLC).

Update 2/23/19 - Added an additional reward to “Where’s Klaatu?” quest. Upon finding all seven NPCs, an 8th reward is unlocked.

Update 3/12/2019 - Added “The Tower of Pain and Pleasure”, a climbing challenge. Navigate the tower and work your way down to the lower inner levels to receive a reward. All receive a basic competition reward, while the first three to make it to the destination receive larger prizes.

Update 3/20/2019 - Added Pickup+ mod. Players can now return their items to inventory.

Update 3/22/2019 - Added “The Red Maze”. This complex two-level maze is surprisingly challenging. Should you find your way to the inner destination, you will be amply rewarded.

Update 4/9/2019 - Added a currency exchanger into City Hall. Nezzer will exchange gold and silver coins at the Pippi rate of 100 silver coins equaling 1 gold coin. While physical currency could always be traded in for Pippi currency, Nezzer will allow you to reverse the process and receive physical coins for Pippi currency, at the rate of 50 coins for every Pippi coin.

Update 5/30/2019 - Added an NPC outside the Information Booth that allows you to see which parts of the “Where’s Klaatu?” challenge you have completed. This NPC also records that information for the last user that accessed him. Since the challenge gives you one-time stat increases, wipes to your stats from potions or server updates (as happened with the Funcom patch today) resets your stats and you lose those boosts. Since the challenges can only be completed once, an admin must give you those stats back. This NPC allows the admin to see which parts of the challenge the player has completed simply by having the player talk to the NPC. If you’re a player needing those stats replaced, simply find Klaatu or Klaatoo (those are my player names in-game, I’m on daily) and I’ll get the stats back to you.

NOTICE: We will be performing a cleanup. Players who joined, started building bases, and then abandoned the server months ago will find their bases have been wiped. This keeps the game running smooth for both the hardware and the players (who don’t have to have abandoned bases loading on their screens as they travel). If you don’t have a sign on your base with the last-played date and it looks like you haven’t played in a long time, it will be assumed the base is abandoned and runs a great risk of being removed. For people considering coming to our server, you’ll find plenty of land to build on, a relaxed environment, very friendly players and admins, and some nice custom content.

A new Merit Reward System has been added. For completing various challenges and content, players will be reward Merits. The merits can be cashed in at an NPC in the town for various items ranging from high-end building materials or equipment, to rare legendary weapons or Thespians (for adding flavor to your base). You can accrue merits so that higher-end items can be purchased, or spend them as you earn them.

A cunning inmate named Mor’dieb has orchestrated the takeover of the Stonewall Prison. Help out the warden by defeating the five waves of prisoners and returning an artifact to the Warden, and you’ll be reward with five merits. The difficulty of the waves is based upon the level of the player, with three different difficulties. This is content that is doable from the high teens up to the maximum level, and is repeatable every two hours.

June 12th Update:
Merit vendors have been added. Certain tools and legendary weapons can now be procured with merits earned by completing content.

An NPC has been added that will allow you to “repair” Legendary armor for two merits. Since legendary armors cannot be repaired, she will take two merits and replace the item for you. Only certain pieces are listed, but more can be added on request. If you have legendary armors that you’ve acquired and don’t wear because you don’t want them to break down, they can now be replaced for a couple of merits, even if they’re completely broken. Merits are easy to earn, so there’s no reason to hold back on wearing or using certain pieces any more.

September 24th, 2019 UPDATE

It’s been a long hot summer, and Rise of the Exiles is a nice way to start winding down for the autumn season. The god of autumn and fall harvests, Autumnus, has visited our city and will be there throughout autumn. Speaking to him every 20 minutes rewards you with some goodies and a random chance for various items.

Our resident builder, Thea, has bee adding a lot of structures to the town to breath life into it and make it look more like a small city. Various vendors and quest-givers are being placed throughout the structures.

The arena has a PvP zone in the center where players can test their mettle against each other. Events are in the planning for player battles where you can be ranked and earn prizes.

The recommended building size is still 25X25 (which is quite large). This square footage can be altered to be longer and narrower if desired. Depending upon the location and how active a user you are, you may be allowed to build larger. You can build secondary smaller bases for use as outposts.

We hope to see you!

Your friendly neighborhood admin, Klaatu!


From October 7th through November 3rd, purge settings will be dialed down, difficulty will be raised to level 5. Purges will happen much more easily and your purge bar will raise more quickly. For those starting new characters, give me (Klaatu or Klaatoo) a holler and I’ll set you up with a wheel if you’re young and don’t have one yet.