Afterlife - Rise of the Exiles (PVE, custom content, enhanced harvest) holding new player events Tuesday, 5/18/2019

Afterlife Rise of the Exiles will be hositng different events on Tuesday night starting at 7PM. We’re a near-vanilla server with two additional mods: Pippi (which lets us add extra content), and Pickup+ (makes life easier for players). We have a custom reward system where merits are earned for various challenges and feats, and those rewards can be cashed in for rare items, high-end content such as quests for additional attribute stats, dungeons, a maze, a climbing challenge, and other quests sprinkled throughout the lands, and weekly events.

Tuesday we’ll meet up at the arena. You’re given a wheel of pain and thralls you can capture to place in the wheel to help you get started. All new players get a one-time command they can use to get building materials and workstations for quickly making a base. Seasonal NPCs give out gifts for various holidays (the 4th of July is approaching, the Goddess of Spring is still here giving out gifts, and we’re currently celebrating Pride month), and soon Summer, and then Memorial Day, will have their own gifts. We have a relaxed atmosphere and an admin who works with the players.

Come, make a base, partake in some events on Tuesday and get some thralls.

We continually update our server with changes. All changes are posted in the Change Log (posted in the Information Booth in town). Our goal is to have a strong player base where there’s always someone online you can socialize or team up with. We’re flexible, very relaxed, and already have great people as players.

The goddess of Spring has left and been replaced by Amaterasu, the Goddess of Summer. Visit her frequently for she loves handing out gifts. Each visit gives a chance for a piece of epic armor.

The town has expanded. Denizens of the Exiled lands have built more homes within its walls, adding more atmosphere and options for more NPCs with missions and quests needing fulfilling.

Cleanup of old abandoned bases has begun (only things abandoned for many months are targeted), freeing up a lot of land for new users.

A Reward Merit system has been put in place. Special actions earns the players Reward Merits, which can then be saved up and cashed in for specific high-end items which are normally hard to find.

Klaatu’s Horror dungeon, the largest of the custom content, is being tweaked to make it even more interesting. An NPC has been added granting you Reward Merits for your assistance.

The Exiled Lands’ prisoners have staged a breakout. Fight your way through five waves of villains to put Mor’dieb back in his cell and be rewarded with Reward Merits. Can be completed every three hours.