Chapter 3 needs to better than Chapter 2

Personally, I don’t care about wall and ceiling paintings. I just don’t use them. The colored torches are nice, but again, don’t really use them.

We are really at the point where new weapon skins are kind of cool, but unless that weapon is better than what I have, it just ends up in a box.

As for armor, I can always lay a new look over something I prefer, which is what I do now.

I have another post about Sinner’s Refuge, and how it needs some updating. I would like to see the Unnamed City get a little more interesting. Before the current bosses, the topography was different, and it was way more dangerous (2 green dragons near the obelisk, 5 king scorpions all over). I somewhat like what it is now, but what if we could get into more buildings? The whole area is mostly sand over entrances, but what if those entrances were actually entrances?

The frost giants have a temple with the junction, a room with three teleportation looking portals. Can they go somewhere?

The Tower of the Bats gets you albino blood, and once again, creates a portal to nowhere. What if?

Siptah has spawning pools. Great! Does a spawning pool make any sense in the exiles land? Or, maybe the same mechanic with a different look and reason.

There is basically nothing between Bjornar’s Stand and the Dragonmouth. Good spot for a Vanaheim city to make an entrance?

There are things that can be spawned from the admin panel. Let’s figure a way to get those things in the game.

There many things that could change up the map. Adding sorcerers changed camps. Look, I’ve been on a console for over four years. I know every part of the map. I know what spawns where, the best routes to level up thralls, the best place to get supplies, some of the best locations to build. What if I didn’t? There have been big changes, and subtle changes with every update. I’ve enjoyed finding them.

I would like to see some of the areas get a little attention and make them more interesting.


my grip with the battlepass , is that can they be smarter about it … like for instance if we got variant of the same item just different light / texture … then enable us to alter a look of something without wasting an item slot in the DB