Chapter 3 needs to better than Chapter 2

Yes, I know it’s early, but it has to be said. I am not here to moan and complain about glitches and rendering problems. This is purely about the content. If you want to talk about anything other than content, start your own topic.

There was a lot of excitement when Chapter 1 dropped. For the most part it delivered much needed changes. The Battle Pass items were varied and there were a few good things in there. Plus, it really didn’t take much time to go through it. I think I could play an hour or so every day and get 3-4 levels. Chapter 2 brought a Battle Pass full of filler. I think there were maybe 3 things I was interested in. It wasn’t worth the money.

The Bazaar continues to be a source of complaints. The costs are ridiculous, to the point that even @Wak4863 stopped doing videos about the items. Can’t blame him at all.

The point is this; I’ve had discussions with two other long time clans on our server. They are looking at Chapter 3 closely. If the Bazaar and Battle Pass don’t improve, they’re out. That means that I have to consider what I want to do. In our ten man clan, one plays every couple of days, one is good for a Saturday morning run, two come in once or twice every few months to run around and look at stuff, and six don’t even check in anymore.

If those two clans do decide to leave, we’ve discussed us taking over their legacy thralls that can’t be found anymore (old look Dalinsias, Sadeh, topless Fia and Daya, Female Multigun and Barks at Moon, fish eye Eina). We would hate for those to disappear into the ether.

That could be changed if the Chapters get better. The big complaint is there’s nothing to do. They don’t want to do the same thing over and over. I’ve been told by one clan that Fallout 76 is their go to game these days due to the additional content and events added regularly. Haven’t really played it, so I can’t say. I just want Conan to be more than a bridge to Dune.


Dennis did say chapter 3 would be a big finale to the age in the last devstream.


I agree that chapter 2 was “meh” but was that simply because the age started in chapter 1 and so lots of content was added and now while in the age…content additions are few and far between?

I’m big on comparison between games and I have just started dipping my toes into fo76. What is the rate of significant content additions? Is it once a quarter? Once a year?

I believe ages in CE are going to be around a year at a time and that is where you see huge swings vs chapters where intros of smaller things are put into it. In the back ground will be bazaar things cycling through.

I don’t have a problem with this schedule as it does provide easily sustainable content to the game however I can see impatience settling in and folks just not interested in waiting that long.

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I would recommend to them to go ahead and play another game. In Conan Exiles, when someone says, “I’ve got nothing to do.” Its a symptom of burn out. New content isn’t going to help with that.

Even if the new content is a whole new dungeon (which won’t happen in a chapter, we MIGHT see it in an Age update), you do that dungeon what? Once or twice, before its just another dungeon. That gives you some extra ‘oh this is cool’ time that might take less time than it took to install the patch that updated it.

So yes if the current content isn’t cutting it, new content won’t do it either. Its time to move on. They’re done, they’ve played everything out and its time to move on. Conan Exiles isn’t one of those 10,000+ hour MMORPGs. The fact that a game like this can net you a few thousand hours is actually impressive. But its not that kind of game that you can just play, forever.

So I definitely recommend just taking off. Don’t refresh buildings you’re never going to use. Don’t hold on to past ‘legacy’ items that no one really cares about. Just take off and play some other stuff. Maybe, if you get the itch to play Conan again a few months from now. You’ll get the urge to sit down for a few weeks or months again.

But that will never happen is you just continue to lurk. It will be login for a few minutes a week to refresh, complaining there is nothing to do, for weeks, months, and years. Wasting your own time.


I was told that there are daily things that you can do with random team mates or friends. Honestly, I have an hour in the game so I’m not the one to really tell you a lot. I do know the game is pretty big.

I suggest raiding camps, and take your time at it. Find all the recipes. That will kick the boredom for awhile.

Pvp rarely has a boring moment


Do you and your clan have suggestions as to what they are looking for?

Better and worse are a very wide field.
Are there any specifics or slightly more firm expectations?
More outfits? More placeables?
Regarding things to do, the resource push of Season 2 has had it’s supporters and detractors…
Would you want more encounters?
Changes to the map?
Is there a desire for a new dungeon?

Chp2 wasnt to bad.

Same as every other game… 1st ones rocks, 2nd and 3rd…are below average. 4th or 5th picks up with suggestions finally showing up.

Personally, I’d love some more outfits…but Dial back on fluff on them… they don’t all need layers of items scattered on them.
Gimmie some simple clothes and gear… Not everything has to look like its belongs to 20+ year Exile vet…

1 time use stuff is wasted on me… I restarted my character to often.

I’d love some Potions you toss and you get a limited time Thrall, Like Conan or Ramza for 5-10mins or even hour.

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I’ve played 76 since beta and it’s gotten much better. There’s updates regularly for many bug fixes (some still plague the game though). There’s a big update every few months with a free season. The rewards are much better overall compared to CE, but the dailies required to complete it can be a slog and feel like a chore since I can do CE in three weeks, while it takes a month to a month and a half to complete 76. I find myself getting bored of 76 and only logging in to do dailies, weeklies, and new events. As for the ingame store, it’s updated every Tuesday and often has at least one new item, though sometimes it’s repeated items and rotated out. However, there’s way more kept in the store than CE. It’s also more affordable and the sales are more reasonable. The main ripoffs are items like power armor skins and some outfits. However, there’s a decent of free currency (atoms) that can be acquired while playing the game and completing the season that makes it better. Plus, if you have FO 1st, you get 1600 atoms a month on top of the other perks for $100/yr. It’s enough to get a decent bundle or some smaller items, plus it rolls over if you don’t want something right away.

Overall it’s a decent game, but I think the seasons have become a bit much for me. I’d like more down time on occasion to play other games. I mostly play CE right now due to that boredom. I still get my season done though.

Fo76 Seasons arent to bad, they have alot of fluff and items that have no use.
Theseasons basically require everyday log in, and doing itlest 0/5 dalies to finish it on time. If you do level up and daliy op, you can finish with 3 to 4 weeks left. I find I tend finish with 2 weeks left.

Hoping you don’t get one that is find this one “thing” and gotta server hop to find it…

76 has alot of random PA suits for PA no ones uses… oh look here sledge hammer layer… I’ve never seen anyone use sledge hammer in AGES…

They also don’t have a Proper PVP, were item in-balance really matters. Prefect Bubble gum isnt gonna break much. None of lunch box bonus will really matter. (pvp is pretty one sided anyway)

But ya, I’m rank 88 of 100 on Season board… just wanting it to End, so I don’t have log in each morning after reset to repeat same dalies…

I know Chp 2 CE should be coming to end… no end date listed in obvious spot… (nothing in New Section stood out) Can’t buy Crom coins on Ps4 (UK store, using my NA PSN) So Pass wont carry over…

I use PC version for fun… rank 48 of 60… I keep getting same few over and over. I got a dumpster fire of Warpaints and Armor Mods that will never be used.
I might buy pass on PC… if I manage hit 60. I’m 100% sure, I’ll flip back to Ps4 version when (7th updated) rolls around and break all mods.

I use my NA version on PS4 to get coins, then flip back to my UK version on PS5. Coins carry over. Alternatively, you can go to a site like PlayAsia and buy UK PSN credit.

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Sounds like a exploit

Couldn’t resist

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Lol nah… it’s tied to your psn, not your region. Would be nice if it was just available in the actual psn store rather than in the game only.

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If that’s the case then ask yourself what’s next? Shut down like WoW in China?

DLC is carries over. (well) Its shared on that console. (I own NA and UK) Only Conan DLC shared. I had to rebuy DLC on UK PSN. And those worked on my NA PSN -Playing UK CE.

Good to know about coins. (I doubt i’ll risk it)

I’m not sure what you mean by this. We are in age of sorcery. After this age there will be another with its own chapters. I could assume what you are trying to say, but I’m feeling charitable.

Don’t worry. Funcom is already owned by a Chinese company, so the Blizzard case won’t repeat itself here.

I mean, worry. But for other reasons.

Yeah, I had to do the same, rebuy all dlc. It’s considered a different game after all. However, I can affirm that all battle pass and bazaar items (including crom coins) carryover from both versions as they’re account bound, not console bound like normal dlc. I only recently got the UK version for christmas, so this was proven just recently. You got nothing to worry about if you still have a NA version accessible.

Not me I have a cheat. I have two Xbox consoles my Series X set to U.S. time zone and my Xbox One set to U.K. The only difference is the nudity dlc between the two for me which violates no U.S. Law but Funcom is illegally denying U.S. Citizens because they don’t understand how ESRB works.