Character création

Hello to Funcom crew
I play Conan exiles now for two years in solo mode,at the beginning I was a little disappointed by the limitation of the XP in solo mode,but in the long it will ok.
I would like to propose you a suggestion of a creation of a new PNJ character.For example in the movie,Conan the Barbarian 2011,at the beginning of the movie I saw Conan teenager train with his father and fight in the forest against wild warriors,he was so wild and dangerous,at the faith it was rather impressive.
I think it be interesting to create in DLC a teenager boy,named,with a unique fighting style,that the player can find somewhere on the map in a cage,they are always empty and redeem his freedom with gold or then fight the exiles who hold him prisoner,so he will then follow the player in his future exploration of the exiles island or Syptha island,and do the same with a Hyrkanian teen girl,Red Sonia for example with also her own style of fighting for the all female players.I will thank you in advance.
I’m sorry for my english I need to use a translater.

I don’t think there will be NPCs with unique fighting styles. Basically all humans in the game follow the same attack patterns because it’s easier to tie each pattern to a type of weapon and then copy-paste the patterns.

Also, there are only so many ways to swing a sword effectively. “Unique” fighting styles tend to get their users killed at a young age.

Finally, Red Sonja is a separate IP, not part of the Conan IP. And she’s not a character from Robert E. Howard’s original Conan stories. People are always requesting for Red Sonja whenever there’s something Conan-related - but she’s not included for copyright reasons.

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