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I’ve been playing Conan Exil for a while now i’ve just resumed after a short break,and I’m discovering the game as fascinating as ever,I,ve also just seen the 2011 movie Conan and I’m still fascinated by the savagery of conan teen,the way he fights and the way he defends himself against his opponents,so I had an idea that I would like to put to you, that might be fun,is to be able to play the game not just as an adult,but also as a teenager like Conan young.

not a good idea. the further we move towards teenagers/children, the more difficult the topic becomes. teenagers and children in a survival game where, among other things, body parts are cut off when you die… difficult…

especially since this does not add any depth to the game…


No. I have dealt with the underage crowd on the net. The laws here make 13 a big age step. You can help them or disgrace them. I caught CPS agents writing poetry over their cases, and posted online. I was pretty young the first time I was on the net. It got ugly with the dotcom boom.

There is a difference? :rofl:

Well, two thoughts on this thread:

  1. I’m not in favor of a teenage character approach (as others have pointed out above).
  2. I am, however, in favor of trying out Conan Exiles in new ways to play the game. So, while I don’t favor the specific ‘how’ (teens), I do like the general idea of trying to find new ways to experience Conan Exiles.

Conan Exiles has rich potential to be enjoyed in many different, creative ways.

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How about an option in character creation or the Orb bench that allows look creation changes to adjust age looks in physical features, i personally would like to play an elderly looking male character that not buffed up like a super physically fit individual, and play a wise sage, or someone who has been stuck in the EL or Siptah for a long time, or whatever, but that is just me.

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No. I really want some things in Conan fixed. I’m not subjecting you, so there is no reason for your dishonorable use of the word: troll. Just PM me if you want to subject me.

Let’s get back to this fascination.

And why?
Pixels… in a game about cannibalism, chopping up people in pieces…

I asked YOU.
If you can’t answer that, don’t even reply.
Or your previous answer was just a firestarter?

Good evening .
Do not see in my remarks no offenses but from my point of view:
the use in a child’s survival game, teenagers that can be killed in any way possible as well as the possibility of enslaving them or on certain servers stubborn them can rightly shock some people.
Even if it is only pixels that could establish discomfort that is not desirable. The moral values ​​and the sensitivity of each one cannot be called into question. good evening to all .

never mind…

Opinion: The slaying of a person of any age makes no difference. Whether they’re 1 or 99, life is life. No life is less valuable than any other. This includes the lives of animals.

However, I can’t get behind this suggestion purely for the fact that there’s a nudity setting. Would be great to not have to think of these things, but we’re living in a world with a lot of sick f#%ks in it.

Different body types would be great. Slim, thick, etc.

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In video games, it does. There are laws in certain countries that bans games where you can harm or kill children. That’s why child characters are invulnerable in many games, and non-existent in many others.

And yeah, when a game contains nudity, you’d have to have that setting turned off for underage characters in most countries.

If someone wants to play overly sexualized teenage characters in an action game, there are plenty of options coming from Japan.

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I’m sure that it’s banned in most countries. I’m not condoning it, it is just my opinion of the value of life, as some posts seemed to be referencing that. However, I may have misunderstood.

Cannibalism and dismemberment are not part of the everyday experience of the vast majority of people these days. That’s why they are options for people to get a safe thrill out of in an edgy dark fantasy game.

The exploitation and harm of minors is an everyday horror for children all over the world (some places more than others, I’ll grant you). International laws and organisations are constantly working to stop it. It’s illegal everywhere but still so normalised in many families and some cultures. It’s not at a safe level yet where it can be depicted in a game as a “fantasy.”

Anyone who think it is, is either very sheltered and lucky, or it is normalised in their mind.


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