Single Player Campaign with Conan himself?

By now funcom have made 2 wonderfull Multiplayer based video games set in Robert E. Howard world, and yet we’ve only seen Conan as an NPC.

With te wonderfull engine of Conan Exiles it puzzles me that There’s no story campaing with the man himself (Ala Witcher 3). I know it’s not the main focus of the game, but I’m so tired of making Conan like characters in skyrim that I thought to ask:

Does funcom have the rights to use the character as NPC only?

Will we ever see a AAA game with Conan as the main character?

Should that game be Conan exiles?

Do you guys would like something like this?

Sorry for my bad english.

I think it would be fair to ask for a campaign that you accompany Conan on a particular journey.

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I believe that from a character study point of view, Conan is as strong main character as Geralt of Rivea. But what you suggest is not a bad idea

I don’t think it is a bad idea at all, but from all I’ve read or watched from the devs, Conan Exiles will never be that type of game. They’ve consistently and repeatedly stated there will never even be quests.

There was a Conan adventure game at some point, though I know very little about it. I actually saw it listed when I pre-ordered my PC Collector’s Edition of this through German Amazon. However, I didn’t investigate it any further.

Lastly, you really should not feel the need to add an apology for poor English. I’ve read a few of your posts and they’ve all been perfectly understandable and better even than many native speakers.

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About the Conan games, there was one in 2004 I think by THQ. It was ok, kind of and action adventure with some RPG elements, many cool lore based locations and and interesting live/death mechanic. Another in 07 hack and slash for XBox, kind of a God of War clone, never played, but I haerd it was pretty average.

About exiles, I think its doable even as a payed DLC. Also its rumored that funcom have another Conan game in the making, hopefully a singleplayer builded over Conan exiles graphic engine.

About the english, thanks, I really appreciate you commmet, but something I’ve lesrned in forums, is that people tend to sidetrack from a subject and minimazing your point due to gramar errors, and since english it’s not exactly my first language, it just make that statement at the end to avoid siddtracking. Better safe thab sorry :slight_smile:

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there you go

Maybe adding this on a single player campaign would be the best ,online it could become less immersive , although the idea of Conan giving out orders from his own stronghold would be a pleasing for everyone ,add some lore and a journey objective like a quest

For a character like Conan I think a full fleshed adventure Campaing where you play as him would be the way to go. I suspect funcom is working on something along this line as we speak. The question remains if it is to be inside exiles or a stand alone video game

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