Character Creator changing settings

The character creator randomly changes your chosen settings. Race is often changed from what you chose, but you are warned when you finalize your character and name it. The one that you can’t change and often don’t know about is your god/religion. This is very important if you want Ymir since you are likely not going to be able to see the Ymir priest in the northlands until you are 30-35 and this has happened on most of my characters. I choose Ymir, I get Mitra. That’s the way it is on both of my advanced characters.

Also the character generator uses a field of focus that enlarges your character’s features so what you end up with in-game is nothing like what you created. For this reason there should be a character editor in-game and you really need to improve the character editor anyway to be more like Age of Conan’s. Avatar’s are much more important to player’s than you assume. Conan and the Hyborian Age is entirely about the unique images and characters that come from Howard’s stories so correct avatar’s that players can use to immerse themselves into Conan Exiles is a top priority. Without that you might as well be playing any old RPG. So fix that character editor, I rate it at 2 out of 5 stars presently and considering what games are capable of in 2018 this should not be a shortcoming for Exiles.

Which is not to say that I find anything wrong with the character models. They are very well done. Beautiful. I would just like more modeling options to play with myself.

Found something add to creator after running and lagging on PS4 no mod

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