Character dead on own base when offline

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [Here]

Officials PVE server #3327

My character dead TWICE on my base near The highway and lost all weapons and armor! Report to devs thought the report page and NEVER got a reply!

I know there are several ways that a character in a base can die when offline. The most common way that I know of is temperature related. You can slowly overheat. Also when the purge is working, it is possible for it to spawn in your base.

A good habit to get into is unequip all of your gear, weapons, armor and store them in a chest. The only thing left on my character is water and food.

What happened to you is a bummer, I know. It’s happened to me and I bet many others.

I see you are on a PvE server. Make sure you are not near any heat sources like a furnace or torches in your base. They can cause you to overheat and die. Secondly, have some fighter thralls near your room. They can protect you. If you arm your dancers, they will also protect you.

My character was wear a set of wam armor and my base near the highway, there’s a dragon outside my base but my room was four foundations height, I don’t think the dragon can attack me

Doesn’t mean other players can’t kill you when you log off, the fact you lost your weapons and armour hints at possibly being killed by a player as well, as they would loot you.

on a PvE server, it does :wink:

Similiar what happens when you die online, when you die offline your corpse essentially becomes a lootbag that has a decay timer or it … so he didn’t get back to his game before that time expired so he lost his gear.
I suspect the event log will reflect this.

For situations like this, I wish the event log could tell us the cause of death of our own characters…sure we can figure out whilst online that we died because x happened to us …but offline …

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