Character/game stuttering

Doesn’t matter if im playing single player, servers, with mods or without mods, this happens :
Time ago conan exiles had lot of stuttering, we all know that, but like few months ago funcom made an update that optimized the game and was running pretty good.
I dont know why this is happening, fact is my game was running always good, high fps and just few stuttering with not importance, still running high and stable fps, but this is insane, i run/walk forward and every time i gather something the character makes those stops, also double jump is not working well (at least for me and many other ppl i know, happens the same) after you double jump, character just stops weirdly in air and falls.
I’ve tried to find out what’s going on, by changing my settings ingame to the lowest even, tried few older grahphics drivers to see if was problem with the latest driver, even wiped my pc , but nothing, that still happening to me. Im pretty sure that isn’t my pc problem, cuz this never happened, and the other games i have still running perfectly fine as always.
Hope someone gives me a solution.


same happening to me exactly. thank u.

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