Character keeps stopping whatever they do every few seconds

So I just recently ran into a major issue. I tried deleting my character fully from the server, tried dying, tried fixing her inventory with pippi. Completely deleted her from the server to then log in and remake again and nothing resolves it.

Every time I try to use a tool nor weapon or even type, if I do not instantly spam it will put the item away.

I have seen this error before and most people just give up on that server but this is my own personal paid for server where this happens. It does not happen to anyone else on there so I am a tad annoyed that I have this happening.

I tried the two weapon trick, one weapon trick, placing all items in a crate and fully resetting. It just keeps coming back specially after I die on the server.

This is a mod issue, to find out which, unsubscribe one at a time until the problem is fixed. I suggest starting with Devious Desires.

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I will try that. Ironically you said that mod without even knowing i had it. If removing that mod fixes it then I can do without all the emotes it has since I use Rp Redux which has not as many but a decent amount of emotes for roleplay.

Its for a small group of friends where we rp on the server.


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