Character lost during transfer


Game mode: Official server.
Type of issue: Bug.
Server type: PvE.
Region: LATAM.
Platform: Playstation.

Hello, I lost my character when transferring it from server #8140 PvE The Isle of Siptah, to server #4516 PvE The Exiled Islands. At the moment of transferring it, the “token error” came out. My playstation account is Sweet_Icequeen and my lost character’s name is Lady_Airamblue and the clan is Los Shimadas.


You need to send a ticket to Zendesk they can help you out Its Zendesk Funcom. Welcome to the Forum


Soooo good ole Funcom decided to close the server my brother and I were on and transfer us. We lost over 10thrall fighter last, approximately 15 animal followers. Our base all out equipment, amour weapons materials. Then we decided to transfer from the bad server the sent us to and now we both just lost our characters with all our gear. Dear Funcom why are you ■■■■■■■■ over the people who make your jobs happen??? Since you took over it had gotten bad. You have to change whatever uij are doing or fire whomever is in charge and making these dumb decisions

Welcome to the Forum. If you send a ticket to Zendesk they may still be able to help you. Introductory pages has information on what to do for a Zendesk report I know it has helped some. @Unhappyplayer