Character lost during a transfer

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Region: [ EU]
Hardware: [ PS4 ]

Bug Description: failed to transfer my alternate account’s character and character is now gone

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I loaded up my alternate character with lots of loot transferred off of server 3141 with no issues I went straight to server 3201 to retrieve my character and it said token failed and returned me to main menu. And now my character has disappeared with no transfer options at all. When I clipped it it only captured the last 4 minutes completely missing the important part and only shows the lack of any character transfer actions when it should have clipped the whole thing

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The same thing, dressed completely on the load, took demon blood and gold, the character disappeared

This just happened to me too. How do we get the character back?

This happened to my son’s character. Invalid token error, then unable to import due to pvp restrictions (he was going from pve-c to pve-c), now the option to import doesn’t appear at all. Hoping there’s a fix for this so he can get his character back.

Greetings Everyone,

If you are experiencing issues with character transfers after 2.8, please send us a message/DM here on the forums with the following information:

Server number
Character name
Clan name (if applicable)
Make sure to include @ Dana or @ Community when sending your message.

This way we can look into each case individually and try to figure out what happened with these failed transfers.


official 5027 to official 6204
Character name:Relic hunter treasure seeker
my clan:Evilcurese
my Funcom ID:Jonathan Kim#13540
all item and character disappeared
Happened after patch 2.8

Invalid token error

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Official 8090 and Official 3828

Name: Laserface16

Clan: on 8090 - Death by Snu Snu
On 3828 - Clankaaaaaa

Happened after patch 2.8

Invalid token error

Then error during character creation stating unable to import due to pvp restrictions. Both servers are pve-c.

Now there is no option to import to any server.

Character has made trips back and forth between these servers in patch 2.7

Thanks for your help

@ Dana
Server transfer fail
Name: Zalem
Server: 3651
Date: 01/27

@ Dana
Server transfer fail (Token Lost)
Name: DirtBagDarrel
Server: 3805
Date: 1/29/2022

Server transfer fail.
Server number: 3228
Character name: Katten1977
Clan name: Wasn’t me



Server 3141 to 3201
Clan Griselda life
Character stickyfingas183
Date 01,26,22
After the failed transfer the option has completely disappeared and my character has gone any help would be greatly appreciated

@Dana @Community
Server 3775 to 3800
Player- WhiskyPr-ck or Ragnar
Went to transfer and it said token failure now my character is gone

@Dana @Community
Server 8015 to 3150
Player - paxanj

The character disappeared during the transfer. token error

Server: 3827 to 3051
Character: iiSlayerxX-

Greetings everyone and thank you for providing us with this information.

We will look into all your accounts as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we work on this.


Gamemode: Survival
Online Transfer: Official Server 3124 to Official Server 3815 error

Type of Issue: Failed Transfer error into missing character
Server type: PvP
Region: North America
Hardware: PlayStation 5

Bug Description:
Unfortunately it would apparently appear that during my character transfer between Official server 3124 (EU) PvP and Official server 3815 (America) PvP on day 28th of January (Patch 2.8) a issue has arisen from what I am lead to believe is the main system of the transfer which failed to first recognize that I had a character in the cloud, however after a refresh it revealed the import option once again but only to fail transfer and remove my character from existence.

Character’s name: Reinora lvl 60
Last clan in: Phoenix on Official Server 3124

I’ll appreciate any assistance regardless of how minor it is.

Thank you.

@Dana @Community
Character lost during transfer
PS PVEofficial 3505 to official PVE 8054
Character name Yunet, clan Epsilon
Import greyed out with Message received incompatible pvp originated
(Never been on pvp server) now there isn’t an import option at all.

Won’t let me at you because I’m a new forum user
Imported character nameless_zombie0 (Clan Croms Bastards) lvl 50 from Official PVE-C server 8065 successfully on 01/31/2022 when trying to upload to official PVE-C server 4108 recieved error message about incompatible pvp settings. Have not tried again after reading forums assuming character is gone forever but hoping he is just stuck in limbo

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I tried to transfer my character from official server [#1010]. The upload from 1010 was fine, but when tried to import on 6423, I got a deserialization error. On second try i got TokenFailed error. Now I dont see the option “import” anymore on any servers when trying to finish the transfer. My character name is “torzsy”, lvl 60. I am running the latest patch, updated an hour ago on Steam. Please advise! Thanks!