Character losed during transfer

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Region: [ Oceania ]
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Bug Description:

Character losed during transfer from 3975 to 8080, I had selected the character to import but it showed a different character in the map then i went back to import again to 4216 and it said said server error and now i cant find my character anywhere level 60 name of character dukeofhats

Steps to Reproduce:

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Hi @dukeofhats

Please send us your information so we can check your missing character.

  1. PSN ID
  2. Origin server (where you were transferring from)
  3. Transfer server (where you were transferring to)
  4. Character name

Feel free to send this information in a DM if you prefer.

Hi Dana,

  1. dukeofhats
  2. 3975 PVE
  3. 8080 then it didn’t work and I tried 4216 but error occurred and wasn’t able to see the character again.
  4. Dukeofhats

We’ve just restored your character so please access the game and make sure the character has been recovered successfully.
You should be able to see it ready for transfer so make sure you select the same server or a new one.
The character dukeofhats was set as ready.

Thank you for being so patient with us while we worked on this issue and we apologies again for experiencing this.

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Thank you so much i have my character back :slight_smile: I was really losin hope with the support but you really changed that. really appreciate the response and help, just a question are you guys working on the climbing glitch that occurs its like it wont attach at the very end and the character falls … not sure if anyone has reported it


4:ivar el deshuesado
Gracias @Dana

Hi @Dana Dana

  1. blueberryalexx
  2. Siptah PVE-C
  3. Exiled lands PVE-C
  4. Dria


  1. lucky040glass
  2. 8191
  3. 8190
  4. lucky040glass


  1. poose2631

  2. 8191

  3. 8190

  4. poose2631

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