Character Map transfer in single player and co-operative

I could deal with it being on Single player and Coop…Please GOD don’t bring it to Officials. We don’t need the toxicity of these offline raiders and foundation spammers intensified.


uhhh, it literally says SP and Coop game only. Not tied to transfer for online servers. So I think it’s safe to say you can rest for now.


For your Coop and SP saves only. Not for online servers.


tagging a friend who will likebthis…


Jesus,what disappointment, I thought we could transfer the character’s on siptah and back to exiles,it’s kinda not fair, don’t you think so?


You can do that. Transfer can be done from and to each map.


In light of this development I feel compelled to say something to Funcom here…

You little ripper!!

Amazing, upstanding, resplendant work chaps! And honestly, I could not possibly be be more happy with the way it was implemented, and the parameters it covers.

Peoples youve not only hit it right out of the park here, but hit the vehicle of that annoying sunday driver on the nearby expressway. This is so exciting! Soon our characters will be the undisputed rulers of two lands, with more wealth than the Sultan of Brunei, and with travel abilities to make even the vile Thoth Amon envious.

Once more my serious, profound thanks to the good folks at Funcom! :raised_hands: :metal:


it’s a fair comment given indications in the Dev Stream that transfer for online characters is on the roadmap.

My understanding is that you can Effo. You select the character who you wish to transfer, and then do so. And it will do just that.


Huh, once server transfer is live, how many people will travel back and forth from Siptah to Exiles so that someone can Convergence Trap deny purges?

That’s kinda hard to answer, considering that we still don’t know anything certain about the online variant of the transfer :smiley:


I took this language as they’re planning for the multiplayer version of it, but since single player was likely easier and faster to do, they’d offer something between now and then.


Yes, but like I said, we don’t know anything certain about the feature itself. Is it going to have cooldowns? Is it going to cost resources? Can you only do it from certain places on the map? Do you have to finish a quest? Will you be able to transfer your inventory? All of it? Is there a limit on how much or what kind of stuff you can bring with you?

I could go on with the questions, but you get my point: all of those could affect what @arthurh3535 was asking about. Right now we don’t know anything for certain.

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effo is confusing this with the online transfer…2 different things. bonus was done for single player and coop. The transfer is a totally different mechanic for online players. The post says this l. yet somehow there is still confusion.


Will mod Maps be listed in the drop down? Right now I think they replace the Exiles map so you can play a new map.

I can’t remember seeing anyone asking for this can someone please refresh my brain :brain: i read a lot of stuff on this forum and just can’t remember anyone asking for this to come to single player differently seen people asking for online transfer which by the way taking to long to get done by the time it happens people like me that play all day gonna have a max character so no point in doing a transfer i give up

Use the search…Many SP’s wanted freedom to take thier tools between their SP maps. Can we as a forum applaud Funcom for once doing something VERY positive. the online transfer is in the plans, but there are many exploits they are addressing to insure it won’t allow trolling on officials.


And really has nothing to do with this thread. Again, a positive in my opinion they took care of a very specific playerbase with a great option for them.


I can. Several someones.


Seriously, if you’re going to complain about this like that, then do your own searching. :unamused:

Here’s where you start:


Perhaps you just missed it at the time Funbags. But Singleplayers, myself included, were quite vocal in requesting it at the time, and understandably so. In my eyes it makes good sense that ALL modes should receive this benefit, not just some. There were several threads discussing this issue, but here were some of the main ones.

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