Character stuck in wall, beside bed, after death

Single-Player: No Mods

First time this happened - I have died before, respawned in my location without issue…
This time - I was stuck in my wall directly beside the edge of my bed.

What may cause this? Instead of having the head of the bed against the wall, the side is against the wall - perhaps it randomly spawns character to the foot, and either side of the bed… in this case, I was in the wall. (Sounds plausible, anyway)

Other than that, nothing extraordinary - it was night, NPC was chasing me down a hill, I kept jumping, and died by jumping, as my health was low. Woke up in the wall! :stuck_out_tongue:

Mentioned since a while that i need push the beds further away from walls, i think position matters few for that.
I ended never in the wall like you, but was blocked serveral time between wall and beds, and had to pick up the bed to be able to move. Didn’t have this problem a before.
But hard to tell when this changed, was mostly on testlive these last weeks.

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Yeah, I was being stingy on space. :stuck_out_tongue:
(Always build large homes - that are not quite so large once I start placing items - lol!)

Have to say, this one was actually amusing… couldn’t get out - had to go to a backup file…
(Didn’t want to remove bracelet and lose my ‘already dead’ bodies loot)

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Happened to a clanmate as well as to me.
Move the bed away from the wall a bit :wink:

You should be able to destroy the wall to free yourself. Unless that destroys everything above…

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That is an old one. The system doesnt really track or block too much room on the side of the bed. Basically within ~one foundation around the bed is whereever you may spawn. Mostly on the sides, but often enough on the other side.

Regarding this, a rework would be neat. Like getting an arrow at beds showing in which direction the player will respawn and then having the player respawn at that exact point only.

But I dont really care too much about that. Kinda funny to build a home riiight at the green wall, place your bed at the cursed-wall-side and then spawn outside of that wall, right inside the green one… endless circle inc! :smiling_imp:


Yes, the welcome thingy to the new clanmate ! :rofl:

I know the problem, often when i build just a first small shelter, ever with the smallest bed, space is still bit spare. After in a normal base, there is more place.
Will try to remember this picture next time i place my bed at night.

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