Bed spawn issues please help

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 5
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvP
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 3580

Bug Description:

Hey I’m new to Conan and I have a base in the ice mountains and basically instead of sleeping I top of the bed when you log off it places you on the right side of the bed on the floor my bed is on the far right of the room next to the wall meaning when I logged off tonight it placed me outside of the house instead of on the bed and I lost all gear

Bug Reproduction:

I simply logged off on my base near my bed and when I came back online I spawned outside of my base naked

Good morning .

When you place a bed, it is indicated that you should leave enough space around it to allow the reappearance of the player in case of death.
If this is not the case, the reappearance of the player can pose a problem.
You say that your base is located in the mountains , if you were not wearing armor to protect you from the cold, you could quickly die and therefore reappear without your inventory.
As you play on a public server, your character remains in the game world when you are disconnected and therefore you are subject to the rules of survival.

If my indications do not represent the problem you are in charge, please escape me. I advise you to contact FUNCOM . support .

best wishes .


I had on armor and I had a shield to keep my warm also the bed is bugged every time I die and spawn in my bed in places me outside I didn’t know I couldn’t place bed near wall or I would be place outside also didn’t know you don’t sleep on bed but instead to the left of it

The problem is pretty simple when I logged off I was inside my base with full set of armor and a shield to keep me warm and I was inside my base where I am warm and don’t loose health from cold but when I logged off and returned to the game I was no longer in my base I was glitched outside of my base and I had no gear anymore

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There are players who put all valuable items in a chest before logging off. Playing on a official pve-c Siptah server I was logging in underneath bedroom in a small river. Removed ceiling tiles installed foundations still happening since last update wake up in my bed actually inside. Have never died during this or my goodies would be in a chest. @Chxpo

The shield does not apply its effect unless you’re wielding it. The armor does not apply its effect while you’re offline.

If you’re in a cold region, use fireplaces inside your base to keep you warm.

As @mynotaure already pointed out, leave enough space around your bed to respawn. To that, I would add the advice to always check where you will be respawning by pulling off your bracelet after you’ve placed the bed.

It’s also a good idea to log out naked, as @Sestud pointed out, by putting all your valuables in a chest and/or a fridge (if you’re carrying perishables, like food, with you). That way, if anything kills you while you’re logged out, you won’t lose your gear.


You don’t have to sleep on the bed at all. It just looks good for RP purposes. You can log off anywhere inside your base. I suggest moving your bed to the other wall as you’re spawning to the right side so put it to the left side of your base. But again. You do not need to sleep on the bed at all. Also I’ve played Conan for years and never had that happen so… indicator or whatever it won’t allow you to place the bed if it doesn’t have space around it. It will notify you that yes where you chose to place it is blocking your spawn location but it won’t allow you to place it somewhere that’s blocked so that sounds like something else and possibly a bug yes. I’ll try again in a second to see if you can actually place the bed where it is blocked but I don’t think you can.

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Welcome both in game and forum!
Let’s see things one by one my fellow exile.
First because you placed a bed doesn’t mean that this is your bed forever. If you accidentally press square button to another bed then your spawn location changes to this bed. So if you play pvp with others be very careful with beds. You can easily “steal” the spawn point of a teammate.
Then what @mynotaure said is correct…

Especially in front of the bed DO NOT place anything. Maybe a carpet but nothing else, you bug your spawn point

But i noticed some other things that need attention. So before you place a new bug report for unfair temperature death…

When you log out your equipment doesn’t count, ONLY the environment your toon is in.
So make sure before you log out to stay naked for a couple minutes. If naked you’ll go only very hot or very cold then you are safe. If however naked you go extremely and higher then make sure to create better temperature conditions on your shelter, or else you’ll die while logged off.
Read some posts and send a photo of your bedroom, they will help us to help you better.
You need to read some posts to become a member and @Community will grand you the right to upload photos.
Welcome again exile.


There is also a fireplace! I think you said you’re in the cold. Could place a fireplace for added warmth in your structure!

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You brought back memories now! Remember when we need different set of armors to survive in different biomes. Back then i was committed on pvp with a very organized clan. We use to build mostly in frosty areas that extremely cold was breakfast if you didn’t have a flawless set. In the base however it was very difficult to balance the temperature with fireplaces, mostly because the vertical way of affect. Omg, i must be placing and removing fireplaces for hours. The characters in each bedroom spawn naked, but when they get dressed they shouldn’t go extremely hot. It was a pain to balance it each time.


Use the move button to check the bed area around itself. it’ll glow green when good. I have yet to find a problem with this


Yes you can place a bed directly against a wall but there is a specific spawn spot idk what’s happening here but I always spawn directly on top of my bed not to the side. If so it’s ever so slightly to the right side yes. There must be something else in the way.

Yea the snow bridge was landlocked on our server so I built my own tunnel bridge across and had to do the same thing Lmfao. Was lining the walls as close together as I could with braziers trying to warm the tunnel. Had a bunch of fireplaces at the beginning and end. Could stand and warm and make a run for it lmao.

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A picture would help also yea. Screenshot your bed!


On Siptah official we built part of the base partially over a small creek ceiling tiles and pillars. Logging in would be below in the water after a minute or 2 standing in my bed didn’t loose anything. Put foundations down occasionally spawn inside them and then in my bed . It’s pve-c didn’t want to be standing in the water when offline . My alternate character further over always spawning in bed :sleeping_bed:. Will try moving bed further in the room


Always. Especially when my base on siptah is “heavy” in every log in i see my self swimming in deep waters even if i build on mountains :rofl:.

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