Character transfer single player to private server

Hi there! im a total newbie with this game but i have been playing the single player for a few days and was wondering if there was a way to transfer that progress to a private server if i wanted to rent one? or any server i guess.


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Short answer no.

Official server have to start from the beginning.
Private server it possible to ask the admin to spawn the stuff you have in single player.
Your own private server, you can do it yourself with the admin panel.

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@ckypro3 , Finally you will understand my friend that the little progress that you have made , is like you said , little . This game hides thousands of hours , so don’t worry about some iron or thick leather . I can easily tell you that if you play exile lands , a simple visit on Sepermeru will give you back more than you lost , so no worries about mats or followers . Try to understand the philosophy of the game , do not afraid to restart to different servers , play official to immerse better the survival option of the game , private servers might spoil you and run to wrong conclusions about it .
Like @BrutusWhitefang said very correct if you rent your own server you can have everything in 20 min from admin panel , but like I said a lot of times In the past , admin panel is a barrel with honey , eventually you will dip your fingers in and the thrill of the game will instantly vanish , so I don’t suggest you to do it , not just yet .

Welcome to the community my friend and the game ofcurce , feel free to ask anything you want :+1:

hey thanks for the replies! i totally understand i dont want to ruin the fun of the game by spawning a bunch of stuff or being a spoiled admin. looks like ill start from scratch if i play online and survive the hard way :slight_smile: having a blast with the game.

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Don’t forget to choose server for your region , purge is very important so it’s better to accept it in normal timers .

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