Character transfer

I was really excited to transfer my character to anothers pvp servers, why it didnt came with the update just like pc have it? Anybody knows if servers transfers will come in any future update?

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This is strange indeed, as PS update also got it

Edit : my mistake PS only got singleplayer transfer…so basically we wait weeks longer for our updates and then don’t even get the full stuff…

Congratulations Funcom

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Considering that there is a bug which wipes your recipes obtained before transfer after drinking a yellow lotus potion, it is probably good that xbox didn’t get the transfer option.

The bug is for all means of resetting feats points : yellow lotus potion, potion of natural learning and admin reset, with or without character transfer and online play or single play / co-op. Until this bug is removed it’s better to not try to reset your feats points at all. And only use potion of bestial memory or admin reset for the attributes points.

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Hola, si todos los jugadores esperamos con ganas el poder llevar nuestro personaje de visita a otros servidores