Character Transfers- increase time in between transfers

I personally believe its too short at 24 hours before you can transfer again.

Suggestion to extend to the same time frame as building expiration times- 168 hours

That’s just for PVE. PVP is 3 days. But all of that is moot since they will shut it down on the 7th to figure out why it’s not stable with no ETA on when it will be operational again.

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Its possible that its just too unstable to allow it all the time and can be prone to abuse.

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Oh abuse is definitely happening.

In PVP, you can transfer with enough to get you server wiping, bringing in god tokens, etc.,… people are using alts as mules or keeping ownership of farm servers.

Plus there’s the issue with transferring off during a raid.

I think transfers as a whole are fine. Leveling to 60 on a new server can be boring for experienced people even if easy. I think they should rethink shuttling loot with a transfer though.

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