Character Zoom On PS4

I am now playing on pc and ps4, and would like to understand …
Why the zoom on ps4 is not configurable?

It’s boring to have the character stuck on the screen, and I hope that will be improved one day …

many other games have a configurable zoom on ps4, and I don’t see why this should not be the case with Conan Exiles


Looks like ps4 is still waiting for the update.


Is it for real ? Not a very late (it’s August) April Joke ? Then, Oh Yes !!!

Blagues à part…

I was already aware that update 2.5 for Conan Exiles on PS4 was a bit long in coming.

Except that I did not know, that it also concerned the zoom
( but that seems logical, given that without correction of the FOV, the weapons will not be visible … )

So, is there any reason to believe that these issues will be fixed one day ?

Looks like it’s just a matter of time and patience for last updates on ps4


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