Cheater can still steal from vaults or chests

Cheater can still steal from Vaults, stations and chests.
We have to put all our drangon powder on the followers, but it make our clan more vulnerable.
This Chinese hacker can really steal from the vaults and stations without damaging any buildings. What’s worse they can see what’s in our vaults.
So any plan will funcom have to deal with this?


Seems like you should make a Zendesk report. It would most likely be Monday before Funcom crew reads any posts.

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And then what? Wait 3 months to get this one cheater banned?

After that he will come back with a $3 account and do it again.


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Do you have a better solution in mind?

If not, then the only available solution is also the best solution, no matter how suboptimal.

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Fix the game. For example:

Don’t replicate vault content data to clients that do not have permission to see the vault’s contents. If this information is not in memory, no cheat/hacking tool can retrieve it.


I do understand and respect what you say and i do find the reply of our fellow exile a bit “clise” but it’s a serious problem nonetheless and the way it’s handled until now is not enough. I believe that these actions need faster ways to be handled, the whole report system needs an upgrade so people will feel safe playing the competitive mode of pvp. Hopefully on PlayStation we don’t suffer these issues, but on pc even pve suffers from these s…t.
I hope devs will find a more drastically solution to this issue.

this is the case for may be 4 years now, and on this kind of case, zendesk is of no help as this is nearly impossible to provide evidence as event log saw nothing when they loot a locked chest or vault.

conan is dying of that, with in addition of what is the result of all changes done for now 3 years that nobody asked and that break game more,

conan exiles who was the better survival game was desserving a better death.

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Genius! Why hasn’t Funcom figured this out? Just fix the game, and all problems go away.

Truly, the simplest solutions are the best.

what!Lie! I never deleted it.

Because they are FUNdamentally inCOMpetent.


@wangjievibeke I don’t understand didn’t accuse anyone of lying or deleting. I decided to delete my post because it wasn’t worded right and didn’t have time to fix .

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You cannot! Posts can be deleted only by the ones who post them or Admins.
We often delete posts that we wrote them with eyes almost closed :sleeping::laughing:.

They have no plan. Right, @AndyB ? No plan to address these terrible, CATESTROPHIC issues. No one really hacks anyway, right? No one really even plays pvp, right? No one even plays on the official servers anymore, right? No one ever splits a stack to a specific amount, right?

They won’t fix this. Because 1) they can’t. And 2) they are SO disconnected that they don’t even know it’s happening. At Funcom HQ, everything is happy and roses. They have no idea how absolutely broken it is out here in the wild. :rage:

The hacking will continue. Put ur stuff in camels. And don’t expect Funcom to even address or know about these problems.


You can keep sniping at Funcom as much as you like, and it won’t solve a thing.

Instead, I propose a way to go forward: since you seem to know how to fix this issue, all we need is someone with decent modding skills, a private server, and a volunteer who is familiar with the cheating tools. Create a mod that fixes the issues you mentioned earlier, and deploy that on the private server (otherwise vanilla, no other mods). Then let the volunteer cheater try to replicate the cheat. If the cheater fails to steal, then we have a proof of concept for a fix.

If the fix is as easy as you make it sound, this should be doable by a couple of determined amateurs.

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Because they don’t care. They care only about how much money they can still make with Conan Exiles. Fixing exploits/vulnerabilities is not an option. They will even remove the battlpass because it produced more work than money.

Why should I invest time and money in creating a PoC without getting paid? If they only care about money so do I then.

Sadly this specific cheating has been occurring on officials for years. I got absolutely no idea why Funcom refuses to address the stealing from locked chests/vaults on officials. Obviously they can’t fix everything but man something as serious as this on PVP officials one would think they would at least attempt to fix it. Especially after it has been occurring for so long. Sorry that happened to you I know it sucks.

You may be right. But you still choose to be destructive rather than constructive. You have every opportunity to just walk away and stop wasting your time, but you choose to waste your time being negative, rather than trying to be a positive influence.

You’re absolutely under no obligation to fix Funcom’s mistakes for them, but you’re still expending your resources because of them, with only negative net results. From a purely pragmatic perspective, that makes no sense.


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