Cheating/Duping on Official Server 1800

Hello everyone,

This is a plea for help on official server 1800. This sever has been plagued by a clan of dupers. They are known as the Forgotten, but they used to be The Olympian Raiders and before that Legion. They were wiped from the server 2-3 months ago by a large clan who could cheat better than they could (They showed up to destroy them then left). All of their buildings had decayed and the server knew peace for a few months. No lag or random dcs and the community was great. However, today they have returned.

Within a few hours they have erected a ginormous foundation base by the Dregs and have been raiding a enemy clan they have beef with ( I am a new user and can’t post photos but we all know what a duped base looks like). The server has crashed twice tonight and the lag has made the game almost unplayable. Cheaters are never fun but these ones are particularly unpleasant as they like to police the server and grief.

This clan and its members have been reported to Funcom by myself and numerous others. There are even youtube videos of their exploits yet they keep showing back up. I suspect Funcom will not address the issue but perhaps this will be seen by the group who liberated us before. The server has been alive and thriving the last few months. It would be a shame to lose it again.

Did you report them using the correct procedure described in the following link?

Thank you for the link. I did report them using the correct procedure and I tried contacting them via email as well.

Okay. Sorry to hear about your troubles.

Seems to be the plight of official servers but it sucks. Perhaps if we had never known peace it wouldn’t be so bad.