Cheating, harassment, and glitching

How do I get devs to check out cheating on a server and harassment. There is a tribe here that causes lag when ever near and glitches into bases they say they are here to server wipe the whole server official server 3894

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We also blue screen,crash and cannot access the hot wheel and inventory this bs it’s making the game unplayable and not fun with the in ability to have fair combat to cheating

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You need to gather some video or screenshot evidence mate, then the Dev’s can help you.

Ok thank you I with gather screen shots and videos we run into them every day and I’ll get some from other people on the server


Have a look at this post in Players helping Players:

It is likely that Funcom will not help you, but you can try. Send the evidence through to Funcom via the Exploit hunters page you can link to via the above forum post.


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