Chests, rawhide or fiber beds, campfires hit points waaaaayyyy to high

It shouldn’t take explosives to break a rawhide bed. Its ridiculous that even a catapult cant break a wooden box. This needs to be fixed asap because raiding is useless. Before launch it took steel weapons to break a campfire a bed or a box. Yes steel can damage them but 5000 hit points is dumb. You shouldnt have to use explosives to break a fiber bedroll that randomly are put down littering the server. Now people can put a roll down and spawn to your base evertime, over and over. You had alot of things right before launch. This is should be a priority fix asap.

5000 hp was made so monsters can’t break bed rolls.

Well its a mistake. Make it so monsters cant destroy bed rolls. Pff

Monsters SHOULD be able to break bed rolls - I agree with OP and noticed the same problem

And why would a person put down a bedroll where monsters spawn.

Sounds like they should be punished for making a poor decision, right, i.e., monsters destroy beds! <3

Monsters have had a long history of beefs with beds. Lol

Agree I think they need to look at some of the HP’s on items that should be easily breakable which now seem nearly impossible with the recent change on how damage is handled on crafted items.

I think they made a move in the right direction to not allow weapons to damage the building blocks so heavily but now we have this issue due to it.

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