Bed bug bed bug 15 chars shaddup


Soo set down a bed/roll when I saw what I think is a boss wolf (haven’t gone back yet) knowing it was gonna kill me at least once, but I wanted to get a feel for it. Jump into fight, die, wham bam, sent back to the last house I built, wuuuut ??? Not the bed/roll i set for spawn point? Naturally it’s on the other side of the map. here is where I punch a camel tyvm

Remember bed and bed roll are 2 seperate items. when you die, you can pick from desert, bed, oe bed roll.

If you put a bedroll down by the wolf you may have picked bed when respawning. Just die and pick bedroll the next time.

This is how people can raid or have 2 bases. You have a bed at your main base and a bed roll at your 2nd base or near where you are raiding.

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