Chieftain spawn rate

Hello! Right now I am trying to get some Chieftain thralls and after >50 runs in Asagarth I didn’t meet any. The Sinner’s Refugee has a similar mechanics: in the end, there is a chance of spawning one of the Asura chosens from the list of named thralls, and the chance is pretty large (80-90% I guess). Why are those chieftains so rare? This is getting ridiculous. Will the spawn rate be somehow ajusted to be like the other “bossy” spawns?

it’s bad rng i guess , yes their spawn is rarer , but I caught them pretty quickly (like 10 runs for each more or less )

but have you ever tried to get a named derketo priest ? :wink: that is the real quest (even more now that they have specialties and I need to get a dmg one !!! :upside_down_face: )

Just got one, the tammer :slight_smile: Well, I’ll make a nest on the chieftain throne ant sit there like a harpy till I capture the dancer, he is too fancy to give up

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