Chinese players names, console problem

Hello, i have some chinese players on my server. My question is how to copy chinese letter into the console to use commands like viewplayer?

You can make screenshots, but other than that, I’m guessing you’d have to use some third party software or some free conversion website on the internet and then do a copy and paste into the game.

I allready tryd it width unicode.
Viewplayer “\u5643\u5634\u4320” but it points me to the wrong player. *its a example code.

As @Bodin suggests, screenshot the name, use a free site like and upload the image and it drops out the text. Just tested with a street sign, so I learned something today :slight_smile:

Dropped in:

Got out 不制品區, so it works OK I guess… (Product area, according to Google :slight_smile: )

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Nice but thats not Then problem, i Can copy the name , paste it to notepad, Firefox, any App. But when i try to paste it inside the game to conan command console nothing happens. Commond console is not akcteping chinese letters. So im askisng if theres a workaround, or i miss something in my windows settings.

Buena pregunta ya que en mi servidor también hay y no se como hacerlo

Ouch, that’s a toughie. CE’s console is (mostly) the Unreal Engine console and it should handle Chinese text as UTF-16 (which is how they are stored internally). Not sure how you would present that to something expecting an FString.

I’ll give it some more thought.

To handle Chinese text “in game” there has to be a Chinese font loaded, which it has because I can type Chinese as a character name in my EN-GB game:

So it shouldn’t be a localisation issue…

Changing all the localization options in windows to chinese dosent affect the in game console. So the problem is still there.

Maybe @Ignasis can help and I finally spelled his name right yeeeeeeeeeah

Banged my head against this for a couple of days on and off ,with no results.

It’s not just Chinese characters, some other special characters behave the same way. I have a suspicion that it’s an Unreal console issue rather than something Funcom can fix…

Ok after some trys i figured out how to write chines in console

  1. Install all chinese langueses from windows update
  2. Install GooglePiny
  3. Translalte the name you whant to write
    example : 歼灭者 is Jiānmiè zhě
  4. open in game cosole write viewplayer
  5. chnage keyboard input method to GooglePiny
  6. continue writing “jianmie zhe” in console normall letters

took me some time to figure this out, but finaly i can spy them if they cheat or not :smile:

Hope this helps some admins

PS: copy,paste still not working

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