Khitan weapon name inconsistency, please fix (actual chinese names provided inside)

^This, You either use Chinese, or use English, just please change the names so that they are full Chinese or English, not in middle and becomes gibberish.

Now here is the ACTUAL chinese names for these weapon, so Funcom can change the names

1.Sword- Jian (剑). The only one Funcom got it right

2.Mace- Chui(锤,club or mace) / LangYaBang (狼牙棒 literal trans: wolf teeth club). There is also another “jian”(锏) suit for this, but better not use it. I recommend use Chui since the other is too long (And Funcom used english for this weapon)

3.War-Axe - Fu(斧,Axe) / ZhanFu(战斧,Combat-Axe). Fu alone also means the one you use to chop down trees, so I recommend ZhanFu. (And here Funcom used english again)

4.Shield - Dun/ DunPai (盾/盾牌) They essentially means the same thing so we can use Dun here. (Funcom used english)

5.Two hand sword - JuJian (巨剑,literal trans Giant Sword). Gibberish No.1, I donno who in Funcom had the brillant idea to use Great Jian.

6.Warclub - ZhanChui (战锤,Combat Mace/club) / ZhongChui (重锤, Heavy Club/ Mace). Funcom used english here.

7.Spear/Pike/Lance - Qiang/Mao (枪/矛). In chinese Qiang, Mao have differences but in Conan it’s actually Mao (Handle is hard), but i guess use Qiang (Handle is soft so you can use swing moves) is also fine. Funcom used Quiang, which I’m not sure if its typo or cantonese. Gibberish No.2

8.Daggers - BiShou(匕首). Funcom Gibberish No.3. Funcom used Dual-Dao. First it’s a weird combination of chinese and english, second Dao means curved sword in Chinese, not daggers.

9.Bow - Gong (弓). Funcom used english.

Btw disappointed we don’t have javelin (投矛,TouMao) and throw axe (掷斧,ZhiFu).

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