Cimmarian Berserkers and more thralls are bugged

Ever since the new update i’m encountering more Thralls that refuse to attack when given a weapon or club. Cimmarian Berserkers have joined this issue now, i keep giving mine clubs to knock out thralls with and they refuse! i’ve already lost a bunch of thralls due to this issue.

Fix your thrall AI already!

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This is normal and happens randomly at times with all thralls

LZB, as Crimson pointed out, this is an old bug and can’t quite make it to the top of the priority list because we are due for an AI update sometime in the future.

I was frustrated enough to do some extensive testing on how to work around the bug, and noted the steps I take in the link below.

Good luck !



I noticed the same and it was not like this as much before the patch. My berserker and bearer sometimes refuse to attack and or attack something else.

My bearer sometimes refused to attack before the update. But never my Berserkers. But i’m getting more cases of thralls refusing to attack since the update.

The refusing to attack thing can happen after you swap their weapon.

I’ve found that if you put them back into guard mode and then tell them to follow – they start swinging again. It happened to me ~3 times tonight and that fixed it each time.

This has been a bug as long as I’ve played this game, which has been almost about a year.

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This isn’t normal. And another player has reported the same problem.

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