Claim spam clarification?

I understand why these rules exist on a pve environment but in a pvp environment fighitng for land claim is part of pvp. Where do you draw the line? On a pvp server, if i put claim around an enemy base in order to put the squeeze and make it harder for them to rebuild, is that against server rules? If a base is excessively large and causes lag upon loading it in, is that a rule violation?

Is the wall that some salty player put around my base on pve-c a rule violation?

@Ignasi we really need clarification and maybe seperate rules for pvp and pve.

If someone built a giant sandstone wall around me on pvp, id blow it up. If someone builds a giant ebclosure around my base onnpve where i am powerless, that should be able to request it to be deleted. But in pvp environment, i dont want admins to make every determination.

Crying to to the admins should not be the meta lol.

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And spamming 1000 sandstone is not really tactical, it is exploiting a mechanic (using it for what it was not intended). This also has to do with server load. Big bases would not be an issue, if they weren’t surrounded by 10,000 sandstone foundations. Or daisy chain to allow for easier refresh of the entire link. Officials are meant as a place where many should play, not one clan that has time to put 100’s upon 1000’s of foundations across the map. I will use what is always told to the casual players who suffer due to this, if you want no rule, start your own server :wink:

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See now that depends. If you build a lollipop base, or in a cave, where ever…you put land claim around you so people cant use Trebs, build close, or things like that. To a point, its tactical. Obviously with the changes to trebuchets (due to people not being close enough to attack a base due to land claim) you can reach further. Some people respond to that with more “spam” to prevent enemy trebs. Would this cross the line then? Are clans allowed anything to push their land claim out from their base for an early line of defence? The rule is not detailed enough to know for sure.

The purpose to avoid losing loot on PVP seems to be the core of the issue. I feel PVP servers have moved away from fighting, and really have PVE clans that happen to like to blow other peoples stuff up. IF true competitors were all PVP had, then less and less would be about not destroying my stuff, and more about fighting out in front of it.

think about it. Why should someone on a PVP server not want to melee, unless they want to build un-opposed. I say if yo are into collecting and building, PVE should be where you go. If you want PVP, then not being able to spam block ad nauseaum will not bother one as much. My clan purposely built bases in the open so we could get fights, not spam block so none even tried.

See the problem with the game is that its so broken. If things worked as they were intended there would be no need to land claim. Except, you can pretty much survive any fall in the game right now so you still have to land claim any base so you dont get jump towered.

See, if someone raids you with an exploit, theres no proof if you didnt record it and you arent gonna get anything back. People build in a way to prevent exploity raid methods like jump towers. If you didnt land claim around your own base and the enemy clans built you in, i promise an admin wont be there to help you before you get raided. Ive been on servers where players have land claimed six whole tiles and we reported them and nothing happened.

The only thing admins need to do is ban undermeshers, ddosers, and hackers. meanwhile the devs need to get off their butts and put out a bug fix.

Elevators have been broken for months!
Fall damage has been broken for months!
Things that were fine before but are now broken, have stayed that way since probably november.

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They might need to clarify it better, but I think they already addressed it to a certain degree:

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