Claiming old Vanity Items

I have returned to the game. And the new system that is place has me confused.
I bought a few sets of vanity sets back in the day when you bought vanity items with funcom points.

I have checked inventory/claim.
But my vanity sets are not there.
Is there a place i can go to recollect them?


The answer to this question is going to depend on what the specific items were. This is the sort of thing we can help you with in a petition. Please create one the next time you are playing and the next available GM will try to help you determine where those items are.

How do create an ingame petition please?

Type /petition in any chat window

To submit an in-game petition, you should first type “/petition” in the chat window. This will bring up the help window. At the top right hand corner of that window, you will see a “PETITION” button. Click on that button to start writing your petition. You will have to click submit when you’re done, and on the next screen you will need to confirm your petition by clicking submit again.

Once you submitted a petition, keep an eye on your general chat window. You should see a GM contact you shortly. Their tell messages will be in red. Please include as much information as possible in your petition, because if we are not able to reach you while you are online, we can often fix things for you while you are away.

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