Clan alliances?

The ability to agree to a alliance between clan owners where our pets and thralls will not attack other members of different clans without provocation. It will work like a sort of invitation between the owners that can be broken at any time. Also new object (Alliance Horn).

Options to be given with alliances (selective):

No auto attack from thralls\animals of the other clan.
Ability to repair each other’s structures (Purge or Clan Defense related)
Ability to see each other’s placements and Movements
Ability to see each other’s Structure Location
Ability to Horn For assistance where ever a Alliance Horn Is placed, where a message can be sent saying “Clan” Calls for Assistance, to the allied clan.
Ability to use Each other’s stations but not have the option to dismantle or move the other clan’s station.

Why Summary:
To add Diplomacy Freedom of Choices to the game that can be evolved to a larger scale of war and peace. Adds a form of Diplomacy conflict between clans\nations.

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