Diplomacy / Interaction between clans and players

The upcoming improvements to the AI, the planed settings of behavior for Thralls/Pets and some hopefully coming first commands to your Thralls/Pets should logically be followed by a diplomacy system as part of an overhaul for the already existing clansystem.
Let us make peace with other clans or players and of course let us declare war to other clans or players. The behavior of our Thralls/Pets should follow these diplomacy settings.
A neutral setting is defined by either not to declare war or freedom.

What do you suggest exiles? What other benefits or disadvantages could be implemented with the diplomacy settings for clans or players, i. e. a buff for some of your attributes if you are in the lands of your allies, or a debuff if you are in the lands of your enemies?
What would you like to see?


Shared feeding pot and box for allied thralls/pets.

Vault, Storage and Door access rank “Allied Personnel” for joint operation bases.

Allied territory building rights (allies can build right next to allied structures not belonging to them)


Suggestions for CE Diplomacy:

Diplomatic Visibility - being able to set your “agenda” on display when meeting other “tribes”. It could be as simple as a colored emoji next to a name. Helps keep track of “friend” and “foe” recognition (and updated on events that may have happened when you were offline - such as the declaration of a friendship or that tribe just raided you an hour ago).

  1. Ally - at peace
  2. Friendly - declared friend by the tribe
  3. Neutral (first contact and default position)
  4. Unfriendly - denounced by the tribe
  5. Hostile - at war

Ability to establish an “embassy” in an ally’s base. Building restrictions reduced to minimum for an ally.

Ability to “see” inside an friend’s boxes, chests, and vaults (for purposes of looking to see if someone has something worth trading). Friends cannot remove objects, but they can see what’s available. Ally’s take it to the next step and can remove objects as needed (maybe cap what can be taken at any given time to prevent a “raid” in disguise.)

Ability to have “borders”. Tribal territory established by flags (and visible on the main map). Flags claim territory and produce bonuses for harvesting resources in that area. Maybe resources in a territory owned by a tribe produces twice as much as territory not owned by anyone (or by a foreign tribe). Flags can be easily destroyed by NPCs or enemy players. Only one flag can ‘claim’ an area. NPCs have territory flags, too. For example, the Darfari banner claims a camp area. To have a player tribe claim the resource area, those Darfari banners would need to be destroyed. The Darfari, who want to put their banner back, may send out a hunting party to remove the player tribe banner. Thus, the players would have started a ‘war’ with the Darfari encampment. If unsuccessful, the Darfari may recruit another camp to join their next ‘raid’. If unsuccessful, the Darfari may recruit a third camp to ‘raid’ the player claim. And so forth and so on. Players can establish their own flag (for the resource gathering bonus), or if they have learned how to make banners and flags of other NPC groups, could plant a flag on their behalf (say, a Darfari banner on an iron resource - when destroyed would “summon” a hunting party). Rules about how flags function would have to be worked out so as to prevent as much as possible players abusing the system (such as only one flag per X area - no, you don’t get to plant 500 Darfari banners next to a player’s base).

Ability to declare an “emergency” alliance when an alpha tribe has claimed too much territory. It would be server-wide to allow everyone (and NPCs) to work together to Purge the alpha tribe.

Ability for a tribe to announce a ‘trade day.’ A server-wide announcement inviting players to come trade goods (like a “market day”) at a specific location and time.

Ability for allies to use one another’s Thrall Pot/Feeding Box for thralls/pets.


As an offline singleplayer, I am probably not the best candidate to make suggestions surrounding online player and clan conflict and interelations. However, what you are proposing sounds logical, and even warranted. It would seem silly for thralls/pets to attack a friendly or neutral player, and having to kill them in self-defence may actually generate uneccessary conflict. Signed.


As server admin I had many requests regarding a diplomacy system. We were even about to introduce one. The modder ShadowCMD had developed such a system for his Mod Conan Empire. When we announced the launch, we had a flood of inquiries. Many new players became members of our Discord. Unfortunately, there was never any introduction of the mentioned mod on our server. ShadowCMD is missing since the end of November. I’m afraid that something bad has happened to him.
Almost all of the players who previously joined our discord left us again.
I’m sure the implementation of a diplomacy system will bring new players to Conan Exiles.

The thing with diplomacy is: you lose even harder against people able to play 24/7.
Also Conan already has many diplomacy things. You can find them in the weapons tab :smiley:

Before delving deeper into claims and zone stuff I’d like to see built-in community management improved. So after a major update I don’t have to run whitelisted until the mods get updated.
And this is a kind of a conflict. Fungame wants to sell as many copies as possible. And I don’t want my server trashed by trolls.

We’ve needed and requested an alliance system from jump. I hope it is finally time we get one!

I would like to add to Bodins ally suggestion the ability to choose to set locked chests as usable by alliance or not. That way you can have locked chests for clan only and others for clan and alliance. Preferably with a visible marker on the alliance chests.

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Players can do this already without a diplomacy system. Especially with one of the next patches by setting the behaviour of your thralls this circumvent will be possible also for your thralls. But I wouldnt call it circumvent. These are the risks and the chances of open sandbox. Every player is free in his decisions.

Victims or profiteers, risks or chances, Yes, but…! or Why, not…! Both perspectives have their advantages and disadvantages. If you say Yes, but…! you have to accept more restrictions to an open sandbox game. But will you call Conan Exiles then still an open sandbox?

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