Clan blocking obs

Regarding the building system, although freedom is encouraged through the sandbox mechanics of the game, please remember that there are other players sharing the server with you. We reserve the rights to act upon in cases we deem necessary, such as but not limited to:

Blocking of content in the game, such as dungeons, resources and other areas of the game.

Abuse of the claim system (claim spam) where blocks are placed for no other purpose than to prevent other player’s access to resources and building spots.

What part of this in the link I posted before is hard to comprehend ?.

Blocking Obelisks are NOT allowed regardless if it’s a PVE, PVE-C, PVP Server.

No where in the rules are there different rules for the servers the rules are the same.

You can and you should be banned for blocking the obelisk, since that’s a “resourse” in the game.

Having the argument just blowing it up is plain stupied, they are there for ALL to use, not for a person or a few to use for the own use only.

Enlighten me to why take me, for an example would be needed to blow up a sealed in obelisk just so I can “use” it when you could 2 sec to replace the wall or door and the problem would be back just as fast, what would I do when I run out bombs ?. Just die and lose all my items due to you thought it would be a good idea to block it ???.

How hard can it be to play like most and just play as an adult and play fair and just stop doing things like this.

any resolution?

It doesn’t say obs specifically. Obs are a QOL thing, they aren’t necessary to play the game.

And Ignasis has responded in several threads about ob blocking over time… answers like “if the no-build zone is bigger, they build bigger walls” … I’ve never seen an answer that said it was illegal.

war is not fair…

That might be the case, but they can’t really state every single thing that’s not allowed.

Obelisk is a resource, it’s meant for all too use, thus blocking it is not allowed.

Even IF you might get away with doing it, it’s still wrong and utterly pointless.
Sure you can bring bombs and blow it up if it’s a PVP Server, but what can you do in a PVE setting, nothing what so ever.

QoL thing, not sure I would agree with you on that one, since it’s a heck of a trip to walk to the Volcano in this case.

Look at it this way, If I would to wall off them all on the server you play on, how would that make you feel.
Sure you can walk or use a mount, but that’s still beside the point really, they are there for a reason, not for a single player or a clan to have exclusive use from it, that’s the same as I would wall off the Iron spawns or similar, it’s a official server thus you don’t play alone, act accordingly. :smiley:

As it is stipulated in the " official Servers - ToC , guidelines and procedures " in the Harassment & Griefing section , last bullet point is : " Special consideration against these cases will be taken in PVE and PVE-Conflict servers."

So as many said , for PVE and PVE-C , it’s clearly a BanAble thing to do .
Unfortunately for our PVP players , the line is greyish and may be considered case by case .

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unless you quote an official source, it’s just opinion.

No. It’s actually not that far from Black Keep / Ice Bridge or Temple of Frost.

I have played on servers with blocked obs, obs spawn camping etc. It’s hella annoying, but you learn to adapt.

PVP servers is war. In war it’s a normal tactic to block transport routes and resources.

I agree it shouldn’t be allowed on servers where you can’t destroy buildings, but I’ve never seen an official statement saying its illegal.

On the server I’m on, a clan has built around half of the sink hole, including the obelisk.

As a solo player, I would probably need at least 30 bombs to make a small hole. I don’t know how much more after that, as it has multiple walls (and drawbridges giving 300,000+ hp total). I cannot carry it all.

P.S. Sure, I would like to make a bigger hole knowing how many times they wiped me. :innocent:

you can easily gather mats for 100 bombs in a single resource run.

And you don’t have to craft the bombs in advance. Dragonpowder weigh way less. Craft bombs on the spot (and let your thrall carry the empty jars if they are too heavy for you).

Or put a vault near it… or go encumbrance spec… there’s tons of options.

Also, if there’s been blown holes in it before, there’s probably a ton of building pieces that are already damaged, making it easier to blow through. Clans who do stuff like this tend to be lazy with repairs.

Yep, and I read the cries for saddlebags.

Me an my clan was banned for 14 days for building around the jungle obelisk.

After the ban, all fighting thralls was taken away, and all doors. But the building itself stood…

Did you get that specific reason (that it was ban for obs blocking)?

And was it Official PVP or PVE(-C)?

Also, since this topic pops up all the time it would be nice with some official confirmation (after all a random post on the forum isn’t really proof)

@Ignasi is obs blocking illegal or not?

In the conversation i had it was stated it was because of that, and we had aparently a building (not spam) so a boss despawned on the island in jungle. So it was probably a combo

But the problem whit that is that people will exploit that system just to teleport home whit loot (from raids in pvp or farming in general).

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Its a big diferans if the build is to block or to keep it open. Some times you need to build a block so the bad clan cant blok the pass!

To prevent this on spec pve server is to extend and link together the none build areas, spec when they are close together.

Best is to build a free map near the obelisk, with T3 foundations. Then no more blocking.


Yes that to. But was thinking on important paths in general. not only obelisks that are blocked.

One of the intricacies is folks storming into the forum to report private servers and demanding Funcom DO SOMETHING!

Another is mod and mod updates and the demand that funcom test their development against popular mods and, when that does not happen, having folks storm the forums demanding Funcom DO SOMETHING!

I have lost count of the number of posts dealing with modded servers that blame Funcom for mod issues.

I will happily lay at Funcom’s feet their missteps and mistakes. I have no sympathy for a private server population declaring that Funcom owes them something because their private server is having issues.


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