Clan bug what the hell i need to do?

I built a new home in a server when i was IN CLAN and when i was inside my house i decided to get **OUT THE CLAN ** and when i tried to exit the door … it wanst possible because the door is the clan property and im not in it :triumph: what to do ?

Build a new house. That one belongs to the clan now.
After you commit suicide of course. Remove your bracelet.

Or ask someone to let you out.

yea but all my thing are inside, if ill suicide i couldn’t get in

sadly that is the cost of clans in these survival games, as ark says “one for all and all for one” when you join a clan your stuff becomes theirs, sadly no real work around that i know of atm.

But in Ark you have options.
Tribe leaders can set it so that your stuff ‘is’ your stuff. Such as personal tames and personal construction.

Here in Conan Exiles, you’re just going to need to build back up and replace what you lost.

also true, just a matter of if funcom will implement something like that but at the moment alas it is theirs, sorry man.

Yeah, and they should. I’ve seen several threads on that topic so quite a few people want those options.

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