Clan called ? Crashing Server on 3136

Called proof, you’re worried about getting caught cheating

I need to see the vídeo again please

I have screenshots and vid proving your clan crashed servers + undermesh. you have 0 proof and just accusing every clan

Could you upload the vídeo again please. I would like see it

Scroll up. shouldn’t need to see it considering your clan did it

No te enteras de na premoh

? are cheaters and will always be.
But on a toxic level, you are worse.

Your clan dupe and we have ps4 chat proof and video that has been reported to funcom.
So stop complaining when you are just as toxic as them lol.

Play the game legit instead.


Leaving this here and letting them review and find out it’s you guys “?” crashing. Enjoy the time till they find out

How can i upload the pictures of ? undermesh buildings? Lol im new

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In the pictures you can see where Clan ? undermesh :slight_smile:

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Underdog dont play here on this server and we dont have this base on 3136.

Still did it on 3159

a own member of clan ? who confirmed they are cheating :slight_smile:

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I dont know i play on 3136 in the ? Clan and we have no undermesh base if you find a undermesh base from us on 3136 send me the location and i destroy it.


Reasonable Ban? :hushed:

Was banned cause 3100, not 3136. Seperate thing.

Please read our community guidelines. Talking about exploits, accusing other players and clans is against those rules.
Contact either @hugo or me privately, or send it through our tool Exploit Hunters instead.