Clan causes the server to constantly crash

Official server 1079 crashing once per minute for the past hour.

Clan K72Q are doing something on the server, which causes it to crash constantly.

Pls do something. It is unplayable with server going down every 45 sec.

Bumping for a response

Gaara keeps crashing out server #1079

Have a screenshot, but unable to post it due to new user account.

ANothe bump yet

They keep doing it. Hello??? Anyone here???

why am i not surprised…

They force a server restart due a bug. There is nothing you can do atm until funcom fixed it. Don’t forget it’s Sunday today :slight_smile:

BUMP. Hello??!!

I will bump this every hour if i have to.

Ofc now that you have my money you do not give a single f…

Wakey-wakey …

guess whos back

SO, great you’ve fixed what causes the crashes. Are those exploiters gonna get away with holding the entire official server hostage for 2 days straight???

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