Clan Members access

This one, I’m supremely pissed about! Why is it that we can add a clan member and give limited access without access to chest and vaults, but they can destroy everything?! For all you Trolls who might be reading this, learn to play the game rather than having to win by deceit, you ruin the game for everyone else


This. I wish deceit and trickery being used in order to infiltrate clans was a bannable offense. It sucks trying to recruit when my enemies keep making blatant attempts to infiltrate my clan.


I hate it, but it’s flattering that it’s the only way they can beat me lol

Haha yea. On my server, our enemies outnumber us 25 to 5. And they still can’t beat us in straight up pvp and have to just rely on trickery and their numbers

There was only 3 of us and it took 9 of them 6 hours to get into our base. The only reason the fully got in, is because we took off with the majority of our stuff right toward the end

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