Clan ranks - are there different powers?


Within the clan rank system, are there different powers?

Sorry I don’t know the ranks other than member and clan leader so I may be using the wrong terms here.

Assuming the lowest rank is an initiate and the next highest is member, are there things the initiate can’t do but the member can?

For instance, something like initiate can put items in chests/cupboards but can’t remove items.
Or initiate can’t invite new members but a member can.

Does anything like that exist in the game?

Follow up question, what are the different ranks in a clan?

And lastly if there are different powers for each clan rank (assuming there are powers of course), what are they for each rank?

And in case there are differences based on server type, I’m on PS4 PvE


There is clan leader and officer … they are the only ones who can take items out of a vault.
But anyone can place a vault and put items in it … they can not remove items … guessing they can not destroy the vault either.

Other than that any rank can place items and access everything

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Also, in case you (or someone else reading this) didn’t know, here’s a little gotcha when it comes to clans:

Joining a clan makes all your current property clan property. Leaving (or immediately getting kicked from) the clan does NOT revert the property to be yours. So be very careful who you clan up with if you value your stuff.


Sounds like getting married without a contract and ending screwed in the divorce.:laughing:

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Yup. That’s why I’m a big proponent of allies over clans. My only clan mate is my wife. However, we run with people from three other clans when we go adventuring. Granted, it’s easier playing on a PVEvserver.

I will admit, there are two people I would be willing to break my own rule over, but… I would suggest playing with and getting to know the people before diving in.

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Thanks @Kwalya

I can’t make a vault yet :weary:

And thanks to the others for the recommendations and warnings. My clan is tight knit with a family member and long time friend. I’ve heard horror stories so limiting it to that.

So yeah clan allies sound like the way to go

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